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Very proud mummy moment!

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misscutandstick Sun 01-Feb-09 09:53:19

DS5 is 2.8y and non-verbal:

OMG OMG OMG *** S T O P T H E P R E S S *********

DS5 just brought me a book as usual, he loves them. They are the Usborne 'Look & Say' variety, great books! good quality, bright simple pictures. anyway i digress...

so he brought me the book and sat on my lap and pointed at a couple of items, which i duly signed for him. THEN... he hesitated, so i pointed to a pic, and HE SIGNED correctly 'cake', so i tried another (one i knew he knew well), and HE SIGNED AGAIN 'drink', so i pushed my luck and pointed, and he signed correctly 'ball', by this point im clapping and getting very excited and telling him how clever and wonderful he is! he beamed at me, then he got bored and wondered off.

Its the first time hes named/signed on request. Im delighted!!!!!


eNABlemetobebetter Sun 01-Feb-09 09:54:24

Brilliant grin

edam Sun 01-Feb-09 09:55:25

What a clever chap!

silverfrog Sun 01-Feb-09 09:58:24

fantastic grin

MarmadukeScarlet Sun 01-Feb-09 09:59:27

YAY! grin

bubblagirl Sun 01-Feb-09 10:17:06

hooray for little ds that is fantastic big hugs to him xx oh and you smile

choccynutter Sun 01-Feb-09 14:42:21

yay good for you and him yay grin

Phoenix4725 Sun 01-Feb-09 15:05:11

great grin

PandaG Sun 01-Feb-09 15:22:59

excellent! grin grin

cocolepew Sun 01-Feb-09 15:25:14

fantastic grin

magso Sun 01-Feb-09 15:32:26


misscutandstick Sun 01-Feb-09 18:08:23

thanks all! its been so long since we started that particular journey (over a year ago) its great to see that it wasnt futile like it seemed for so many months!

5inthebed Sun 01-Feb-09 18:27:46

Gosh thats fantastic. Had to wipe a tear from my eye, you sound so proud and ecstatic!

BriocheDoree Sun 01-Feb-09 19:08:46


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