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Starting playgroup early

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cherryc Wed 28-Jan-09 22:30:58

My DD is 2 years and 3 months and has today been thrown out of the local social skills / portage group for being too bright (grin).

However she is desperate to play every day and after I have dropped DS off at school she starts saying things like 'no go home' 'want play toddlers'.

I work 3 days a week but the nanny (a nurse) and myself take her to a toddlers group / special needs play every day and with the loss of this group think she is ready for nursery or playgroup.

However the playgroup that is 2 mins walk away and is fab does not take them until they are 2.5 but they have taken children earlier that have special needs. I think my DD will need 1-2-1 due to being tube fed and has open heart surgery coming up.

The local council has said they may pay £250 to the playgroup to help her settling in / for a 1-2- to start with that we can use to pay our nanny to go with her. Has anyone else battled the system to get 1-2-1 in playgroup early - any advice?


PuzzleRocks Thu 29-Jan-09 08:46:27

Bumping for you.

cktwo Thu 29-Jan-09 14:27:43

I would start first with the playgroup if they have taken younger kids in the past - this is determined by their OFSTED criteria so they fact that other 2 years have been accepted suggested that they are covered for that age group.

If they are happy to take your daughter then you can quickly start applying to panel for a support worker.

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