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Feelingbetter . . how did it go today?

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siblingrivalry Wed 28-Jan-09 20:15:59


How did ds' hospital appointment go today?

feelingbetter Wed 28-Jan-09 20:47:56

Hey! Thanks for asking smile. It was OK, won't have any news till week Tuesday (I think). Unless its very good or very bad and neuro will phone me. EEGs are getting more difficult now he has learned to use his hands grin. He did his usual trick of falling asleep (in the most uncomfy position on my lap) and then refusing to wake up. Grrr!
Then he had a VEP straight after - which he also slept through, thankfully as I have an awful headache after it. Don't know when we'll get the results from that - not seeing eye doc till July! If the results find their way into his notes, perhaps neuro will let it slip when I see her.
He has been more twitchy today sad but couldn't have timed it better for EEG. Well done boy! He is a bit sleepy and not eating well either, so I suspect he is coming down with something. SALT and dietician came to see us yesterday as his paed is concerned about his ever increasing weight blush. They are v happy with him, SALT discharged him as no mechanical issues at all, and dietician won't do anything till he's been off the steroids a while longer. So, bit of a wasted trip for them but nice to know they are available. So, despite the hint of a minor illness, all is well here smile. Thanks for asking, hope all is well with you too xx

siblingrivalry Wed 28-Jan-09 21:01:49

I will be keeping my fingers crossed for good news. I know what you mean about the 'good timing' thing. I was really pleased when dd had a meltdown at CAMHS. Obviously, not nice for her, but the psyc saw it with his own eyes.wink They might get a better reflection on your ds'EEG.He seems to take it all in his stride -what a little star.

We had a haircut trauma today. DD can't bear her head to be touched,so I had to sit face-to-face with her and try to distract her while she flinched and screamed.hmmTinnitus!!
Was ok in the end though- I thought she might end up with her hair cut at bizarre angles and different lengths cos of her wriggling!

Hope ds feels better soon. Take care x

dsrplus8 Wed 28-Jan-09 21:29:59

fingers crossed for good news too! smilex

feelingbetter Wed 28-Jan-09 22:19:30

Dsr thank you very much. Hope things are on the up for you too x
Sibling I have taken to videoing his every episode these days. I'm sure they'd never believe me if I didn't. I worry for hours/days, then finally give in and take him to hospital and he's all smiles, giggles and fluttering eyelashes for the bloody doctors. Big flirt as he is grin

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