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Can any1 advise me of a chair for my nearly 2 yr old which is comfy to sit and recline??

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mummyto2miracles Sun 25-Jan-09 21:29:48

Doesnt have to be SN chair....but Jack only bn sitting for few mnths but still not ttly balanced

He has outgrown his bouncy chairs, one he can nearly get out, the other he tips overangry

But physio sed if he gets a sn chair from them he wont be in it long, so i wanna buy one that he can sleep in and sit in without tipping....any ideas??

kitkatqueen Sun 25-Jan-09 22:50:09

Hiya, this may not be appropriate but what about a reclining carseat? You would have to make sure it was stable on the floor with him in it but it might work? There really seems to be a gap in the market for his age group.

mamadiva Sun 25-Jan-09 23:09:36

Have you tried the Fisher Price baby to toddler rocker? I have one of these and my 2.6YO sits in it to read his books

Fisher Price toddler rocker, you get these cheap on ebay and my DS just could not tip it

Jane Activa, I also haveone of these and it is very padded. Reclines to a decent angle my DS has also fallen asleep in it a fair few times.

How about propping with bean bags? or a pushchair maybe?

mummyto2miracles Mon 26-Jan-09 08:46:37

Hi guys!!

The one Jack can tip is actually the fisher price toddler one mamadiva put link to grin

He is ok in it when it is lying right bk, but see he finds it frustrating because he cant sit up when it is in that position

But when it is in sitting position he sits forward tips lol. I saw a new rocker to toddler by fisher price on argos website but dunno hw to do a link to it blush, it is orange and blue and priced £58 something??

mummyto2miracles Mon 26-Jan-09 08:52:08

And I soo agree kitkatqueen there is a huge gap in the market for this age group, more stores, restaurants and generally places you can take kids to should cater for kids with SNangry

It is ridiculous...we went out for dinner yesterday and forgot his buggy and he cannot sit brilliant in highchair and I was gobsmacked when I asked the manager if they had something, some sort of highchair that was suitable for kids with SN and he said no!!shock, so we had very stressful time taking turns to eat dinner and the other hold him, not good esp with my 7 yr old dd and 8 year old nephew in tow!!

mamadiva Mon 26-Jan-09 09:02:42

2miracles, linking is easy when you get the hang of it...

Copy the web address from the explorer bar
Paste it into the message box here
Add 2 of these [[ at the beginning and 2 of these at the end ]]
If you want to put it in words instead of big long address leave a space after the last letter of the address and pu 'HERE' for example then put you ]] at the end.

Sounds harder than it is...

Just put the 2 lines here and 2 at the end

mamadiva Mon 26-Jan-09 09:05:46

We have another one sitting around I think, will have a look, my mum had twins a few months before I had DS so have 2 of most things just need to check havent given one away

They are great only thing I will say is they do not sit up very straight at all infact they are a,lways laying back a fair bit but a it's just a waist strap he can lean forward it never tipped on us and I saw DS climbing out the side of it once LOL. but other than that they are fab!

mamadiva Mon 26-Jan-09 09:06:46

Oops just noticed you said its the one you have LOL. Sorry mustve read that wrong.

The orange one is the exact same TBH, my friend has one

mamadiva Mon 26-Jan-09 09:13:46

How about a reclining high chair that has height adjustments to bring it down a bit? You get some comfy looking ones

mamadiva Mon 26-Jan-09 09:21:45

Chicco Polly
Chicco Happy Snack
Petit star Hi-Lo
Graco Contempo
Fisher Price Healthy Care
M&P Zest

mummyto2miracles Mon 26-Jan-09 21:30:07

Thanks soo much mamadiva... I ordered the chicco college highchair

Can't wait til it comes!! grin

mamadiva Mon 26-Jan-09 21:42:48

Fantastic! Always thought those highchairs looked so comfy!!!

Have to let us know how he gets on with it.

mummyto2miracles Tue 27-Jan-09 08:49:01

Think it will come tomorrow so will let u all know, thanks loads!! grin

mummyto2miracles Wed 28-Jan-09 18:50:52

Hey every1!!

Loving Jack's chicco colege high chair to low chair!!

Came 2day, Jack is soo comfy in it, thanks loads to mamadiva!!!!!grin

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