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anniebear Mon 04-Apr-05 20:28:00

If you had asked me a few years ago about Autism, all I would have known and said is that the child is in a world of its own and shows no love or affection.

Since Ellie has had SN I now know it isn't necessarily that and is a huge range of things.

Could you tell me what things your child with Autism does?

After Ellie suffering a major trauma to her brain at 8 months, I know there is a higher chance of her developing ADD/ADHD but never really thought about Autism.

Read a few things on here (think you can read too much at times!!) and got me wondering.

Ellie has global delay (epilepsy, but just come over medication and no fits...yet!! and Hydrocephalus) is 3.7yrs, she is really sociable, very interested in everything going on around her and is starting to interact with other children more and more.

It was only that my Mum went to visit my Aunty last week (Aunty works with SN children) she told my Aunty about Ellie and she asked if she flapped her hands. (she doesn't)

Now I am worried because I don't know why she asked that.

We saw our Paediatrician a few weeks ago and I asked about ADD/ADHD but nothing else

thanks for any info, I do like to worry over everything!!!!!

coppertop Mon 04-Apr-05 20:45:32

If she's already interacting well with others then that's definitely a positive sign. Ds1 had come out of his own world a little more by 3.7yrs but still wasn't all that interested in interacting with other people tbh. He was/is still very much routine-based and has only recently learned to cope with moving from one activity to the next without getting upset.

It seems strange that she asked about flapping. As others have said on here before, not all autistic children flap and there are NT children who do flap.

RnB Mon 04-Apr-05 20:57:14

Message withdrawn

MrsBeThankful Mon 04-Apr-05 20:58:04

mine don't flap either....tom 'waggles' his arms sometimes....and leigh does whole arm spins....but no flapping.

Does this women work with autsistic it sounds like she has the sterotypical idea of autism in her i reckon though she is sympathetic to all SN ...she knows no more than the rest of us...untill we have direct contact with an autstic it our own or another.

before i 'learnt' what i know.... i believd all autists to be silent,world of their own,in a corner and rocking.

i realise now i was on the whole very the autistic playscheme my boys attend there are a few lads who are very withdrawn and 'fit that stereotypical' image....but the majority are so different1

ANNIE....she sounds gorgeous and you know her better than anyone....i know people only are trying to help....but they can so easily alarm us.

Keep reading what you can....and 'if' she is for example 'AS'she may not present noticably till she's 6 or 7.... and really when i look at my boys today in the park the 'only' odd behaviour that i noticed in the whole 30 mins was tom running back with 2 icecreams waggling his arms and legs all over the place....he seems to be gettting more and more disjointed...but we managed a whole 30 mins without meltdown etc!!!

anniebear Mon 04-Apr-05 21:01:38


I am sure she hasnt got Autism, I usually read about things and start worrying!! But particulary because my Aunty asked about it.

It is so hard as I never know if the things she does are just due to her illness in general and her delay or if it means somthing else.

Thanks again

MrsBeThankful Mon 04-Apr-05 21:10:47

Annie....i even find 'well meaning' coments such as 'they look so normal'....start me off on the 'It's Me'...'I can't cope.They are NORMAL...i'm making them behave this way'....

then i go to drop them off at the playscheme and i see maybe another 5 or 6 lads who are 'just like my sons ' and i am reassured that "it's ok....they are AS." I say reassured because i hate to say it but to know they are AS is easier for me to accept than if it was my parenting. hope that makes sense!!!

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