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Honestly, would it just be easier to buy a tumble dryer my 'effin self????

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Fio2 Mon 04-Apr-05 15:44:15

rather than sell my soul to family fund

Blossomhill Mon 04-Apr-05 15:46:26

Probably. Why what's happened?

Fio2 Mon 04-Apr-05 15:48:14

I have to fill in a form with my mortgage payments on, in-goings outgoings, how much we earn etc etc, send in P60's, explain again all my daughters problems again

I wouldnt mind but my husband only earns 2k more a year than thewir threshold limit. i know that gives our earnings away, but hey-ho

Chocol8 Mon 04-Apr-05 15:55:05

I hear ya Fio! I was told last year before I was awarded some money that I could request a washing machine at any time.

So, naturally when mine packed up in January, I called them. They were very disapproving and actually sent me a letter saying I was not entitled to one (it was only valid for 6 months after the award) and that I should reapply in May only. That was me told! I was a bit annoyed as I only enquired and they seemed shocked and angry!

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