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Question for Magso?

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sadnog Wed 21-Jan-09 10:12:18

Hi Magso, You mentioned on another thread about writing to your GP if you don't feel comfortable visiting them. Can you really do this? I've been wanting to go and see GP for ages about my DD but the problem being I don't very often go to my doctors and when you do you never see the same one!! Therefore haven't got a connection with any GP in particular. Like 'MrsMattie', I know that if I go to see a GP, as soon as I start talking about DD and the problems I have with her, I will just end up a babbling wreck, sounding like a totally over-reacting mum and would forget to say half of what I intended to.

magso Wed 21-Jan-09 10:23:32

Yes I have written to the GP - ds own gp who is knowledgable and sympathetic. The very first time I did this the receptionist rang to get me to take ds in, ( to see for herself his unusual er energy) but the last referral (to continance services) happened without dragging ds to the practice. This puts it all in writting (so I can't forget salient points) and gives the gp a chance to think about it/ discuss with collegues. I find appointments with ds so difficult - but if the reason for the visit is already known it is a lot shorter and less stressful!!

sadnog Wed 21-Jan-09 10:34:16

Again, on the occassions I have had to take DD to the doctors she never seems to see the same one twice! Our surgery is odd in that you can't pre-book appointments with a particular doctor, you ring on the morning and they book you in with who-ever is available! DD has already seen a community paediatrician via a referral from the school nurse (about 18 months ago). She originally diagnosed ADHD but then she passed some of her case load onto another paed who saw DD and disagreed with the diagnosis and said she wouldn't need to see her again! Since then she has been assessed through the school by ED Psych and Complex Communications Specialist and we are now in process of applying for Statement of Needs. However I still feel there is something else other than her learning difficulties and after posting my concerns on here a few weeks ago, the term ASD has been mentioned alot and 'referral to Developmental Paed'. Are Community Paeds and Developmental Paeds a completely different thing? Should I perhaps try the school nurse again as she would have some sort of history on DD?

Widemouthfrog Wed 21-Jan-09 15:00:24

In our area the community paed deals with ASDs, it depends where you are. Can you ring the paed you saw last year and ask for a review in the light of your current concerns? You are now armed with reports from school. It may be quicker than a new referral could take.

How about writing to the paed?

magso Wed 21-Jan-09 18:04:43

In our area the community paeds are also developmental paeds at least in theory - ie there are no specialist developmental paeds. They therefore have very wide knowledge and as they jack of all trade.

sadnog Thu 22-Jan-09 09:41:11

Thanks for that Widemouthfrog, my DS also sees community paed every 6 months as he is ADHD, but I never thought of ringing her direct re DD. I just assumed that once they had signed them off that was that! Will give it a try.

sadnog Thu 22-Jan-09 13:17:00

Have just written letter to the community paed, thought better to write than phone as I had so much to say and thought it would come across better that way. Took me over an hour, feel stressed just writing about it! Will post today, fingers crossed!

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