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anyone read any useful books that they can recommend......?

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lourobert Mon 19-Jan-09 11:42:17

Ive been lookin at whats available on the internet this morning and there is a a wealth of self-help books out there for 'coping with a child with special needs' some seem to be written by parents who have children with special needs and some are written by doctors and 'experts'.

I am proud mum to a 3 years old with severe special needs and I am alsoabout to embark on working in a professional capacity with children with disabilities also.

I really want to get this right and offer the best support I can to the families I am going to be working with. I am not naive enough to think I know it all purely becasue I have a disabled child myself as I understand each indviudals experience is different and i want to start doing some reading to assist me in the practical support and guidance I am able to offer.

So has anyone read any good books that have offered strategies or coping mechanisms....any books that they have found inpirational with good advice or on the other hand any they have found completely rubbish. This way I can narrow my search as the amount of literature out there is overwhelming......


brainfreeze Mon 19-Jan-09 11:51:48

Several I have read in the capacity of teaching are:

Choosing Naia (Downs Syndrome)
Lovey, a very special child
My Life with Olivia - Autism
Daniel isn't talking - (think this was also about autism)

I got them all on Amazon

jennybensmummy Mon 19-Jan-09 11:59:38

yeah daniel isnt talking is autism i have it here! also for aspergers there is a book called the curious incident of a dog in the night time - i cant remember who by though. i know being aspergers it is not a severley autistic perspectivbe as such but i think its good to know the thought and the logic behind why certain things are an issue for example and a good read too without being too heavy or full on!

lourobert Mon 19-Jan-09 12:07:18

my post should have read practical and emotional support I want to offer...

Thanks for your suggestions so far

sarah293 Mon 19-Jan-09 12:08:49

Message withdrawn

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