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The "fat package" arrived this morning MrsF!

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Chocol8 Sat 02-Apr-05 09:59:39

Thank you so much for the package and for addressing it to ds - he thought it was totally cool. How on earth did you manage to fit 8 pairs of socks in a little jiffy like that?

See, you're not forgetful at all!!!

MrsBeThankful Tue 05-Apr-05 10:03:46

.........and thank Little Chocs for such a lovely well written thankyou card.....i was totally taken aback when i recieved it today!!!

And Chocs....can see where he gets the superb handwriting from...... YOU!!! Good golly gosh....the envelope looks like it's been addressed using a p.c!!!! (do you do calligraphy in your 'spare'time?!)

p.s.....your son's writing is streets ahead of Tom's (age 11!!!!!) So give him a big hug from me!!!!

Is he excited about the new school!

Mine were....and couldn't wait to wear the new RED sweatshirts...then when they started Alex (then only coming up 5) was the hardest to settle...... for your son i think much of it will hinge on how much he likes his new teacher/class etc....if he feels ok about that then he will take the rest on board ok...he will feel total relief at not being bullied for a start.
Yes,there will be loads to get used to (you as his mum are probably feeling sick at the thought!!!)....but to him (unless he is severely routine bound) he will find the first few days exciting and hopefully enjoy the attention that 'the new kid ' always gets. (Alex hated the fuss everyone made of him...and it was actually his extreme reaction to changing schools that started me wondering if he is ASD too.)

so my tips to you is that ALL you can do is warn him things will be different....but how digfferent you can't possibly the old school they called sbjects Numeracy and Literacy
and at the new school it is Maths and Reading & Writing.

I 'softened' the blow with the 'expected' changes as a game....i challenged Leigh to 'spot the change'....for him this worked as he is competitive and likes a challenge.

Then as he settled we began to compare the new to the old way....and even now....when he moans about the new school...we look back to remind him that he had struggles at the old school too.

anyways ....good luck!!! I beklieve that you have done the right thing...yes no school is 100% perfect....but a 'change is as good as a rest'.... and i think joining after easter is perfect as they miss the 'whole school' year start in september (chaos) ...yet join early enough in the summer term to get settled before the end of term chaos!!!!

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