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MY not so fun friday night.....

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eidsvold Sat 02-Apr-05 00:31:54

Well dh and I were actually up past 10pm for once.. not for some exciting amazing reason.

Dd1 woke up coughing and very distressed and not breathing well. We ended up calling an ambulance as her breathing was worrying and it is at least a 30 minute drive to the hospital. Dh had his first trip in an aussie ambulance. Poor dd2 was woken and thought it was time for an adventure....

She had croup - never had it before and I have never come across it. We spent about an hour or so in the hospital. SHe did not like the medicine and so some poor nurse ended up wearing it.

Dd1 did so well - as she hates taking medicine ( finally took some whilst being restrained) and hates her ears and throat being checked - did that too.

SO finally at 4 am we trooped off home again. Only for Dh to be stopped for a random breath test on the way home - his first EVER.

Finally we got back to bed about 5 am - just in time for dd2 to have a feed!!

Felt strange being up so late/early - strangely I was knackered - what happened to those days when you would go nightclubbing until 5am !!

hunkermunker Sat 02-Apr-05 00:33:21

Oh, no! Poor DD! - hope she's completely better now.

MrsEffingFedUpful Sat 02-Apr-05 00:36:35

2 of mine had know how scarey it did right to call the ambulance...cannot risk waiting....

even now- alex is 6 in may- he still gets 'crouppy'.....meant to go by age 4.... but he's small.

take care....xxxx

eidsvold Sat 02-Apr-05 00:42:31

mrs F - the info we were given says five - if that makes you feel any better....

at the moment she is laying on the floor watching nick jnr waiting for hi-5... so feeling a little better. She is such a monkey though - you call the ambulance cause you are worried about her and when they show up - she thinks it is party time... lots of smiles, waves etc.. no sign of the weepy, coughy girl we had a few minutes before.... cheeky thing.

your right mrs F - the ambos told us - with little ones it is best not to take a chance.

Jayzmummy Sat 02-Apr-05 00:46:30

If she starts crouping again....go in the shower with her....the steam really helps to moisten the airways and stops the cough.
Had years of croup with ds1....I learnt every trick in the book to stop it asap.

Just so glad all is well now.

MrsEffingFedUpful Sat 02-Apr-05 00:57:16

also i think once you have experienced croup don't panic quite so quickly the next time...the shower,kettle sinks full of hot wate...all do wonders and you get the reward that you relieve it ....and then your confidence builds....but that first experience is definitely scarey!

LOL Mini-Eids!!

ssd Sat 02-Apr-05 08:36:42

Poor you and all of your family! What a night

Hope you all manage to get to bed early tonight and have a decent sleep!

Jimjams Sat 02-Apr-05 08:44:45

poor dd1.

Another vote for steam (and homeopathic aconite can be good as well).

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