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Mrs F are you around????

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Blossomhill Fri 01-Apr-05 23:01:23

Hope you are okay.

coppertop Fri 01-Apr-05 23:03:54

Aha! A thread to lure MrsF into for some enforced cheering up.

Seriously, hope things get better for you soon, MrsF. xx

Chocol8 Fri 01-Apr-05 23:06:54

Oh bugger - I've missed something haven't I? Why does MrsF need cheering up?

coppertop Fri 01-Apr-05 23:08:46

She's changed her name to MrsEffinFedUpful and was saying on another thread that she's having a tough time at the moment.

Chocol8 Fri 01-Apr-05 23:12:49

Thanks Coppertop - just managed to do some quick lurking. How can we cheer her up?

coppertop Fri 01-Apr-05 23:18:46

I'm not sure. Bombard her with laminator links? Talk about pouches (guaranteed to raise at least a snigger)? Combine the two and laminate a leopardskin patterned posing pouch? (If you have one, of course )

MrsEffingFedUpful Fri 01-Apr-05 23:29:14


MrsEffingFedUpful Fri 01-Apr-05 23:29:25

MrsEffingFedUpful Fri 01-Apr-05 23:31:25

Talking of 'POUCHES'..... there's a 'FAT PACKAGE' in the post for 1 of you ....hopefully you'll get it tomorrow!!!!

coppertop Fri 01-Apr-05 23:33:29

Oooer! Who could say no to a nice fat package dropping through their

Blossomhill Fri 01-Apr-05 23:35:46


MrsEffingFedUpful Fri 01-Apr-05 23:36:10

At last!!!

MrsEffingFedUpful Fri 01-Apr-05 23:36:44

been sat on the 'active threads' refreshing the screen hoping one of u would appear!!!


MrsEffingFedUpful Fri 01-Apr-05 23:37:22

just putting tom to bed...back in a mo

Blossomhill Fri 01-Apr-05 23:37:35

Mrs F - I have added you to my msn list. It says you are offline though and you're not????

coppertop Fri 01-Apr-05 23:37:49

I'm still here.

Blossomhill Fri 01-Apr-05 23:38:11


MrsEffingFedUpful Fri 01-Apr-05 23:39:05

back now!

Chocol8 Fri 01-Apr-05 23:39:12

That did cheer her up Coppertop! and just for the record, I don't have any leopard skin posing pouches! Wellll.....maybe! Would that cheer you up MrsF - if it does, I will buy some tomorrow and laminate on Monday. x

MrsEffingFedUpful Fri 01-Apr-05 23:39:18

who's here now???

MrsEffingFedUpful Fri 01-Apr-05 23:39:58


The Fab 4!!!!

Blossomhill Fri 01-Apr-05 23:40:17

Me. Did u see I have added u to my messenger list so you can chat to me direct if you want

coppertop Fri 01-Apr-05 23:40:45

I'm still here. Sadly I don't think dh has any posing pouches - he reckons they don't make them big enough!! <snigger>

Chocol8 Fri 01-Apr-05 23:42:57

Heard that one before Coppertop! Phnar phnar! Mind you, it's been a long time for a singleton like me.

Are the corners of your lips turning upwards a little MrsF, i hate the thought that you are unhappy.

Hi Bloss! Welcome back!

MrsEffingFedUpful Fri 01-Apr-05 23:44:03

my dh has 2 thongs....but they really don't 'do it 4 me'....they just make me laugh!!!

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