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Muddled up........

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Jayzmummy Fri 01-Apr-05 00:50:08

J got up this morning very adamnat that we had to go shopping....strange because he HATES shopping at the best of times. Why did we need to go shopping?????
He needed to by a bat. I took him to the garden shed and pulled out all the bats and said we didnt need anymore because we have plenty.

"No Mommy not those bats...not hard, soft"???

An hour later J was still mumbling away that we needed to go shopping....Heres the converstaion we had.....

"J need a fat"
"whats a fat J?"
"you know mommy"
"my bottom is fat we dont need any more fat in this house"
"serious mommy...need a bat, er fat, er, ummmmmmmmm cat."
"We already have a cat J"
"ohhhhhhh whats called.Need one mommy"
"Why do we need it darling"
"Micheal Jackson in real."
Oh bugger what the hell do we really need in the house so my little man can be a mini MJ??????

Twenty minutes later J came into the kitchen with his personal stereo on....

"Mommy sing now".....whilst shoving the earpiece into my ear!!!!!
Ben the two us la la la la

"shopping mommy" "car now" for a further twenty minutes.......I went and found hubby because J was getting really miffed with me......

Apparently last night whilst I was busy sorting out my card orders J and dad had sat down to watch some TV.....J had watched a very old video of mine which had the video of Micheal Jackson singing Ben.........J wanted a RAT!!!!!!!!

We are now the proud owners of two RATS.......Chester and Lem....6 weeks old and totally adorable in a rattish way!!!!!!

Whoever says my little man has me wrapped right around his so correct.....but do I care?????

Tiggiwinkle Fri 01-Apr-05 01:21:19

Awww-thats lovely Jayzmummy! We have no less than 5 Russian hamsters-started out with 2 hammies that the shop assured me were "boys" who went on to have babies! We gave some away but still ended up with 5 in all.
But I must admit rats look more interesting-supposed to make great pets as they are quite intelligent. Is J happy with them?

Jayzmummy Fri 01-Apr-05 03:40:35

Yawn....rubs very tired eyes and says YES J loves his much so that it is 3.38am and he has been awake since 3am....because he needs to check Chester and Lem are OK!!!!!!
I have refused to allow them in the bedroom.....just know the little so and so would get them out and put them to his bed!!!!
Just hope J will crash soon and go back to tired!!!!!

Tiggiwinkle Fri 01-Apr-05 15:00:08

Jayzmummy-how on earth do you manage on so little sleep?!!
How are the ratties today? Can you handle them, or do they bite? Our hammies can give you quite a nip if they are not in the mood to be played with!

Cosmo74 Fri 01-Apr-05 15:29:02

Awww bless him - so what if we are wrapped around their little finger at least you done what made him happy. Hope that rats are doing well and hope you get a little more sleep over the weekend.

Take care.

coppertop Fri 01-Apr-05 17:56:13

Awwww! I love those ratty names too.

We're a pet-free household for now. Ds2 is just a little too hands-on when it comes to furry creatures.

Jayzmummy Fri 01-Apr-05 17:57:07

Rats are little man has spent most of the day "really talking" about his new furry friends.
Rats are a lot more forgiving than hamster and are not at all nippy....they are fantastic little creatures and are so intelligent.
Just hope and pray that the initial interest in them is not so intense tonight because I am dead on my feet.....sleep....oh yes please.

macwoozy Fri 01-Apr-05 18:16:21

Jayzmummy, what a great little story. I'd love to buy a rat for my ds, but it's not long since he pulled the tail of our gerbil, so might have to be a while yet.
Good luck with the rats, and heres hoping you get the sleep you need.

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