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JakB saying hello and how about a meet-up?

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JakB Thu 31-Mar-05 19:08:11

Missed you all. Been a bit distracted by life (you know how it is!) but back now. And shall we organise a meet-up? How is June looking for everybody?

coppertop Thu 31-Mar-05 19:12:04

Welcome back!

Whereabouts are you thinking of?

JakB Thu 31-Mar-05 19:13:22

Well, that's the thing. London is the obvious place but rules it out for lots of people. Could do two, one up north, one London?

Socci Thu 31-Mar-05 19:14:03

Message withdrawn

RnB Thu 31-Mar-05 19:22:44

Message withdrawn

Merlot Thu 31-Mar-05 20:06:55

Lovely to see you back

End of June would suit me as am hols in early part of June. Southern meet up would be best for me.

JakB Thu 31-Mar-05 20:09:51

Ah, Socci, how is the programme going? RnB, yep, Brighton drink ASAP please! When are you free?
Is May better for everybody? June sounds busy.

Merlot Thu 31-Mar-05 21:01:49

Not the end of May please as our holiday straddles both months (I'm an awkward blighter!)

heartinthecountry Thu 31-Mar-05 21:42:48

Hiya JakB - good to see you.

Are we talking a BIG meet-up then?

beccaboo Thu 31-Mar-05 22:37:33

JakB, good to have you back. Meet up sounds good, London great for me, name your date.

Socci Thu 31-Mar-05 23:03:26

Message withdrawn

InternationalGirl Thu 31-Mar-05 23:07:29

Yep - I'm interested. Gotta do it before end of June or I'll be gone! but

Would possibly consider a weekend meet-up in Brighton - maybe with family if anyone really wants to meet us all!!

coppertop Thu 31-Mar-05 23:10:56

IG! I haven't seen you around for ages. Last I heard you were planning the big move.

JakB Fri 01-Apr-05 20:16:12

Heh Socci, yep, that's the way it seems to go, in my experience!!! We've had lots of stop, starts and illness scenarios. But I bet she does brilliantly. International Girl, would love a meet-up in Brighton- but how easy is that for everybody? And maybe we should do it this month (end of month) or early May as everybody seems to be away on hols after that?

RnB Fri 01-Apr-05 20:24:01

Message withdrawn

Chocol8 Fri 01-Apr-05 21:05:58

I'd love to come - Brighton is only 2 hours on the train, so could do it.

coppertop Fri 01-Apr-05 21:20:51

Brighton sounds good. Will have to look into travel etc though.

JakB Fri 01-Apr-05 21:57:31

Anyone else?
Davros et al?

pixel Fri 01-Apr-05 23:08:38

Brighton's good for me but I might chicken out! I might put my foot in it somehow and never be able to post on Mumsnet again, doomed to a life of lurking! What usually happens at meet-ups? Does everyone just have a drink and a natter or a meal, and do you take children or not? Is it during the day or at night? Do tell!

RnB Fri 01-Apr-05 23:10:50

Message withdrawn

Davros Sat 02-Apr-05 20:14:11

Well I'm game (of course). Let me know where and when. Can we do it so Internationalgirl can come before shoving off? Although I'm sure she'll come back to MN....

heartinthecountry Sat 02-Apr-05 20:57:13

I can probably do Brighton depending on the day. Hurrah! a day by the sea.

MrsBeThankful Sat 02-Apr-05 22:00:17

CT...if you do...i will too!

Blossomhill Sat 02-Apr-05 22:02:38

Me, me, me Would it just be us mums???

coppertop Sat 02-Apr-05 22:05:04

It depends on whether dh can get that day off work or not. I don't mind bringing the 2 terrors along but obviously it would be easier without them. I'd also need to check train fares etc but I'm not having much luck finding the info I need.

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