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Has Our Melatonin Bubble Finally Burst???

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MrsFROSTgetful Thu 31-Mar-05 14:27:42

3 nights on the trot now Tom has not settled at all well- for 2 years he's had melatonin and for us it worked a dream.

He is 11 and was actually crying one night cos he had fallen asleep whilst watching 'Mary poppins'...then i'd gone in and switched everything off- then he'd woken about 1am and was confused what time it was ....made worse by him still having his glasses on....he seemed 'delusional' but i think it was 'just' the kind of confusion i had as a child when i kept waking up at the bottom of the bed- and did'nt know where i was etc.

So tonight i will give him 7.5mg in one go- he's been on 36mg concerta for 3 weeks i assume that 5mg melatonin worked fine when he was only on 18mg. He's also of 'sturdy build'....weighs 6st maybe by body weight alone he needs more melatonin.

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