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Asthma, Eplielpsy and allergy to Diary

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nathollyandmatthew Thu 31-Mar-05 13:10:04

hi all im new here, not sure if thsi is the right board to post all these issues
My son matthew was born at 36 weeks in july 2004, he suffered a seizure at 8 weeks old and at 6 months was diagnosed with a mild form of epliepsy, after chrsitmas he got bronchilits and since then has had problems with his chest, so hes on inahlers and is always ill with a nasty cough, they say its very likely he has asthma but because hes still a baby its hard to actually diagnosis it, but hes chest is very bad and wheezy alot, he also has an allergy to diary products which we found out at the end of feb so hes on sma whsoy milk
hes now nearly 9 months old is constantly ill he was in hospital last week after having the vomiting bug and was very dehydrated,
would just like to know im not alone here
i also ahvea daughter holly whos nearly 3 and shes fine apart from froma few probs with her hips and feet

chatee Thu 31-Mar-05 13:18:22

hiya, i have a dd age 4.6 and a ds age 13 months.
dd has a dairy free diet and has only recently weaned herself off wysoy but enjoys a varied and healthy diet within the dairy free restrictions.dd also had a dislocated hip that was repaired when she was between 4 months - 14 months old
ds-just a cheeky little chap....that has just woke up...must dash
but wanted to say hi so you know you're not alone....welcome to mn

Pages Fri 01-Apr-05 08:13:02

Hi there, I can really symapthise. My DS had bronchiolitis and epilepsy (absence seizures) as a baby and he was ill all the time too, with back to back colds, flu and chest and ear infetcions. He still gets chesty when he has a cold and has been in hospital and on a nebuliser even quite recently, but inbetween times he is now very well (aged 2.6 years). We put him onto a dairy free diet early on which he is still on but the real change to his health came when we took him to a homeopath (someone who came highly recommended to us) when he was 15 months old. It wasn't cheap but we saw a real turnaround in his health from that point onwards. I think after they have bronchiolitis they will be chesty for some years after but I can't tell you how big the change was once he got homepathic drops. Let me know if you want any more info. You are definitely not alone.

misdee Fri 01-Apr-05 08:19:15

You are not alone. dd1 has asthma, eczema, allergies, hayfever. dd2 has behaviour issues, eczema, walking problems and possible food intolerences.

dd1 was dx with asthma at a very young age after having an attack and wheezing afterwards. she has been on salbutamol and becotide ever since.

dd2 had bronchilitis at 3months old, and IIRC it took months to clear up. in fact she wasnt fully better till the warm weather started.

heartinthecountry Fri 01-Apr-05 15:58:31

Hi nathollyandmatthew - my dd has epilepsy and until we took her off cow's milk she also had eczema.

Hopefully the non-dairy diet will make a difference for your ds. There is also some (mostly anecdotal) evidence that cow's milk can trigger seizures, which is actually the reason we took my dd off it, so it might benefit him in that way too.

Pages Fri 01-Apr-05 21:29:08

HITC, I wanted to ask you what DX your DD has (you mentioned on another thread that she had a DX). Also, I am very interested in the cows milk/seizures theory. Do you have any further info I could check out?

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