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just wanted to say big hello to all that know me

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bubblagirl Sun 11-Jan-09 09:12:06

hi guys hope the new year has started well for you all

havent been able to get on for ages to talk and missing you lot

ds has decided his brain never wants to shut down at the moment he never wants to sleep all gone very out of the usual never been a good sleeper but he never wants to sleep now

his become sensitive to sound too everythings too loud and has his hands clamped over his ears never had this problem either all stemmed from illness over x mas

also terrible with constipation again another new problem but i think where he was ill he held it and then was so bunged up spent all x mas screaming untill we could get to pharmacy boxing day bless him

apart from that his talking is fab sounds still not correct but use of words is great he can now count to 100 and recognise up to 100

so we have had alot of leaps and alot of set backs

we are now in procress of statement have to send back questionaire thing they sent about him also they sent a form for him to fill out but his only 3.7 do i do that on his behalf?

anyway dont mean to go on but dont have opportunity to post and didnt want to lose contact with you all so thought let you all know where i am and why lol

hope your all ok?

hope to be able to have 5 mins to post again soon if ds brain will slow down enough to relax xx

can i ask to anyone who's ds or dd didnt show many signs of ASD as they got older did it become more apparent?

it always shows when his ill but his been over that and still has more obvious signs such as sensitive hearing although this was never a problem before

i guess i'll see many things over time like any other child i guess its just so tiring for me at the moment on the go all day and all night speak to you all soon i hope

TotalChaos Sun 11-Jan-09 09:25:21

hi and welcome back, sorry you've had a rather wearing Xmas, hope you get more sleep soon, and your little lad feels better soon.

bubblagirl Sun 11-Jan-09 09:31:16

thank you very much its a releif to be back and be able to vent to someone no one else understands if i say he wont sleep i get no i couldnt settle xxx until gone 8

not quite the same his been up since early and then doesnt go to bed just sits AND PLAYS BUBBLES ON MY PHONE sorry didnt mean to shout

his brain is so active which i guess is good but not what im used to im used to regular waking but not continuous lol

wel im back again now hope to not be to distant xx

hope all is well with you and your family tc xx

kettlechip Sun 11-Jan-09 20:42:30

hi bubblagirl, happy new year, sorry you're having a rotten time sleep wise, hope it improves soon for you.
It sounds a bit daft that your ds is supposed to fill out his own form - we often get appointments addressed to ds as if he were an adult - I once queried it and they told me it was a computer error!

bubblagirl Mon 12-Jan-09 08:29:02

it says get your ds to fill in the form on his point of view bit like a personal passport which ive just spent all weekend writing adding pics and laminating

but hopefully will help others around him understand his needs not sure if you have had to do one but you fill out different sectors in chil'ds veiw such as
" i dislike being told off wen i get told off for copying someone's bad behavior as i don't do it to be bad i think its ok if they do'nt get told off this makes me sad"

i guess i could just do the same for this but seems strange they would ask when his only 3.7 lol never mind

happy new year to you to kettle i hope it has been a happier one for you hows your family? x

Tclanger Mon 12-Jan-09 08:54:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bubblagirl Mon 12-Jan-09 09:20:29

thanks tc missed you too

its felt weird not having you lot to speak to didn't want to be forgotten about took me long enough to be known lol

hope you had good x mas

i think the cranial osteopathy would be great but hates his head being touched so not sure he'd enjoy it much or let them do it

he never had problems with noise sensitivity before but really does now since the long illness before x mas i thought it would go but it hasn't

he went from always being tired possibly due to all illnesses and colds from pre school and now not being tired at all till he drops his brain you can see the cogs turning at high speed

anyway trying to get him to pre school his so tired were already late and he keeps crying when i mention getting dressed it'll be a tough one lol

TotalChaos Mon 12-Jan-09 09:22:16

probably grasping at straws but might be worth getting his hearing checked in case any of his illnesses might have affected his ears? I have a vague feeling (could be complete cobblers) that sometimes if peole have hearing problems they can still be oversensitive to some sounds.

TotalChaos Mon 12-Jan-09 09:24:56

having poo problems with DS again . Have taken the precaution of keeping him off school (yet again sigh) as he had diarrhoea (or should that be dire rear ) at 2 a.m. (and didn't entirely make it to the toilet in time). Have had a couple of other similar incidents last few weeks - weirdly 2 of the 3 incidents followed him having bananas! He has had problems in summer with lactose intolerance, but bananas????

HelensMelons Mon 12-Jan-09 10:13:36

Hi Bubbla

Sorry you have had such a hard time over Christmas and that you are sleep deprived.

To answer some of your questions - DS2's autism becomes much more obvious when he is ill, out of his routine or very tired. He becomes stressed more easily, less tolerant and acts out more - this is when we get the running away, or hiding under the duvet, dining room table. He fights more with his siblings and would be up very early in the morning. In fact, I can almost see it before it happens, he flattens his hair with his hand, like a comfort and his facial twitching becomes much more pronounced.

We were referred to consultant with his constipation, the 'dire rear' was awful. We used lactulose and movical as TClanger mentioned. We had many accidents in nursery and school but he is now nearly 8 and, although we still have moments it is definitely not as regular as when he was younger.

Hope you get a bit more sleep.

coppertop Mon 12-Jan-09 10:28:14

Welcome back, Bubblagirl.

I agree with TC about having ds' ears checked. My hearing is awful but there are still certain pitches that drive me mad and can actually hurt.

With my two boys I find that how obvious their ASD is seems to go in phases. Both can go through periods of being very similar to NT children but also have periods where it's immediately obvious that there is something different about them. A lot depends on factors such as tiredness, illness, school holidays, changes to routines etc.

I hope you get some sleep soon. xx

bubblagirl Mon 12-Jan-09 11:25:40

thanks all i had his ears checked before x mas and all was ok but i may take him back and explain about his tolerance to sound at the moment unless he has headache from lack of sleep doctor said first time round will be from headache as he had such high temp but its not gone away at all so for my peace of mind will take him back

maybe now his actually feeling better and getting that bit older his mind is becoming too active for him to handle were hoping now my dp has gone back to work bubbla boy will go back to routine of getting up early and going to bed at reasonable time

in himsef his ok his become quite a character and his use of words are coming along really great so could also be some stubborness of not wanting to go to bed which i guess is normal anyway for child his age

normally when his ill all signs go when better so its telling me somethings not right so possibly his ears do need to be checked again

tc sorry to hear ds having problems again with his tummy maybe its the banans as they are known to be a slight laxative as it changes the functions in your gut apparently as well as being known to cause constipation

we are using lactulose at the moment i think as he feels the poo is hard he will hold it and says no ummy not push poo oout so i think the x mas fright off being in so much pain is still fresh in his mind

anyway we got to pre school late but he went and seemed happy enough i took his personal passport i lovingly spent all weekend making and they loved it x

TotalChaos Mon 12-Jan-09 11:56:43

bubbla - me and coppertop are meaning a hearing test by audiology, not just a gp having a quick look with auriscope thingy. Glad he was happy going in to pre-school, once the normal term time routine is back hopefully he'll be a lot easier to deal with him.

thanks about the poo sympathies. I'm a bit unsure about the bananas - as he's had bananas in between bouts without problems. Just going to give him bland food and avoid dairy today and hopefully he'll carry on being fine.

bubblagirl Mon 12-Jan-09 14:13:44

thanks tc i will ask them to do that then i thought you meant ear infection or something i shall ask


claw3 Mon 12-Jan-09 14:54:26

Hi Bubblagirl - another old favourite of mine, i took a break for about a year, just back myself. You gave me some good advice on sleeping a while back, sounds like you are now having a hard time of it, sorry i cant return the favour

bubblagirl Mon 12-Jan-09 16:06:29

hi claw3 welcome back its not too bad i guess the sleeping issue once his dads work routine goes back to normal i think his body clock will go back to normal probably the holiday as his dad gets 3 weeks off over x mas and body clock has changed

hope you have sorted problems with sleeping was your name similar to the one you have now minus a letter maybe if so i wandered where you ran off to kept an eye out for you but no luck lol

well alot has changed in that yr my ds dx with ASD his talking well now though anyway good to have you back

claw3 Mon 12-Jan-09 16:17:56

Yep you have it, it was law3, changed it over a year ago for halloween, since coming back, cant remember how to change it back!

Sleep is still the same im afraid, any success doesnt last too long, given up for now.

Thats good news, pleased to hear you are making progress.

bubblagirl Mon 12-Jan-09 16:28:55

i guess its a case of doing what works best for us and whats easier sometimes rather than whats right he has bed on the floor still next to my bed some nights i dont even put him in his room if i know he'll settle better in mine i gave up with having to get up and down all the time

glad it worked for a while though gave me time to catch up but to be honest im a bit lazier to continue now as i know it'll never stay that way so i do whats easy for me

well its great to have you back on hows things with your ds hows he getting along now? xx

claw3 Mon 12-Jan-09 22:35:34

I have reached the conclusion as long as he is not sleeping in my bed by the time he is 18 years old, ive done well! hmm

He started school last week, so early days, im sure he will settle eventually.

I see you have made a passport, i love that idea.

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