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Hypotonia link to oral sensitivity? (Haven't seen SALT yet).

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bsac15 Sat 10-Jan-09 21:14:09

Can anyone on Mumsnet tell me if there is a link between low muscle tone - Hypotonia and oral sensitivity? (Physio mentioned it).

My DD 18mths has developed a recent aversion to lumps and biting. Doesnt bite biscuits or toast - sucks at them and veg has to be very very well done.

Always has her hands in her mouth and when we feed her pureed food, sometimes she tries to scrape it out.

E.g. Today she ate kiwi fruit - sucked it down! but yelled when I fed her mash potato (was a bit floury) and clawed it out of her mouth.

Or could this just be fussy-ness coming on?

Haven't got a SALT appt yet.

Thanks - I eagerly await your thoughts.

devientenigma Sun 11-Jan-09 17:47:25

Sorry can't help although will be watching. Son has both severe hypotonia and oral sensitivity. Hope someone can help with your query.

mumgoingcrazy Sun 11-Jan-09 20:11:07

I'm afraid I can't help either and I too will be watching this thread with interest.

You could have been talking about my 18mo DD2. She is identical and currently being treated by a SALT for her oral sensitivity. She will now accept smooth food, however we are way off taking a bite of something. Your SALT may put her on a talk talk program.

DD2 also receives weekly Physio/OT/Portage as she is delayed, esp in motor skills which may be due to low muscle tone.

NAB3lovelychildren Sun 11-Jan-09 20:14:12

My DD had hypotonia and reading your post has made me wonder as she really didn't get the hang of solids and eventually we bought a blender and went right back to purees.

madwomanintheattic Sun 11-Jan-09 22:12:53

dd2 has very low muscle oral muscle tone due to her cp and found some textures impossible for a long time. she didn't have the fine motor control to hook it out or the oromotor control to spit lol, but we had a fair amount of retching and vomiting. mashed potato sticks to your palate and if you have poor oromotor it is a mare to deal with. at 3 we discovered that she has limited tongue motility, which explained a few more things.

she's had slt since birth lol, and they have been fab.
if you're feeling brave, you could try quavers lol. it's a slt favourite - in theory they are 'bite and dissolve' so there shouldn't be a choking risk, but obviously take care...

we actually skipped the lumpy stage in the end. dealing with two textures at once was like trying to get her to rub her tummy and pat her head - it just wasn't going to happen.

have you tried any facial stimulation or tapping before feeding?

bsac15 Mon 12-Jan-09 19:09:08

Wow! Glad(?) to hear there are others with a similar problem.

We also have a problem with drinking - still on a bottle/teat and a slow valve juice beaker.

if we let her have fluid/milk free flow from a beaker - she makes to choke.

Will try quavers! grin

I do worry as things like pasta she seems to swallow whole or lumps of banana get 'squished' in her mouth first.

Doesn't like chocolate buttons either. Strange child!

madwoman what is facial stimulation and tapping?

Thanks to all those who replied.

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