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calling Misdee!!! And will anyone support us??

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sparklymieow Thu 31-Mar-05 01:36:39

I know you are prolly sleeping now, but I was thinking about doing the "walkabout" chartity thing in our area to raise money for Scope and wondered if you wanted to do it for DCM? Its a 8 mile walk around WGC and the Rotory club take 25% but the rest goes to the chartity of your choice, you can even raise money for your own personal equiment or things needed for your family. I did think about doing it for the kids trikes but they will be paid for by The Caudwell Chartity now so I want to raise it for Scope. Want to join us? and will everyone support us??

misdee Thu 31-Mar-05 07:42:52

i'll do it. i am already planning on sponsering some lads who are doing the london marathon for the cardiomyopathy assiciation, so will help u raise money for scope. when is it? will push dd3 around with us lol.

sparklymieow Thu 31-Mar-05 08:56:22

I think its in April, I'll find out. Me and Dh are planning to push DS in his wheelchair and DD1 in her major buggy, I'm going to leave Dd2 with someone. Also take Maxwell with us and he can have a lovely long walk

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