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Grommets update

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Mishee Thu 08-Jan-09 15:51:08

DD had them fitted yesterday as we got a cancellation late Monday. Apart from a horrible time after the anaesthetic, she seems perfectly happy & we are going to explore lots of 'soundy' places in the next few days!

RaggedRobin Thu 08-Jan-09 21:10:44

good to hear she's comfortable with them. let us know what she thinks of the sounds!

Mishee Fri 09-Jan-09 18:20:15

She is copying lots of words, which do seem to be more recognisable, but I'm not sure if that's my imagination! She's having grommets checked on Mon and I'm sure she'll be speaking in full sentences & quoting Shakespeare by then!

coppertop Fri 09-Jan-09 21:24:15

I'm glad to hear it's all gone well.

mumgoingcrazy Sat 10-Jan-09 19:27:21

Great that you had that done so quickly. Did they remove her adenoids too?

Mishee Sun 11-Jan-09 18:50:45

The adenoids won't be removed until she's 4 as apparently there's a risk of bleeding up until then. However, the grommets do really seem to have made a difference to her whole persona - she's been unbelievably jolly since having them done - maybe I should have them fitted for me too!!

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