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young carers grin

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Phoenix4725 Wed 07-Jan-09 19:22:48

Can i plug this its a group thats runs nationwide for children that have either a prent with etra needs or as in my case a sibling .

yourchildren dont need to be doing lots ofcare to go to this but on the whole any siblings of a sn do more even if its just waiting while your busy

Its aimed at children 8 plus and t my sons threy go once fortnight to a youth center and the net fortinght they do a activtey with them this is ll funded and the children are trasported to and fro as well.Its also a chance for trhem to realise there not only children coping with it

cory Wed 07-Jan-09 19:28:43

Oh I really wanted ds to join this but they never got back to us; have been told they have huge waiting lists.

Phoenix4725 Wed 07-Jan-09 19:37:28

hmm where i am icalled them direct and a lady phoned me back and came saw my boys and they went think within month,Dont give up try finding local group and caling them direct i cn not praise them high enough

if you let me know your area i can ask ours if they got direct number

mum24boyz Wed 07-Jan-09 20:06:22

my 14 yr old goes to 1 in our area, round here its called youth crew, its run fortnightly the same and they have outtings etc, i deffo think its good for them, so they know they arent alone, and i think my lad has found it quite humbling, i know he thinks he has it tough at times, but he knows there are some much worse off

cherrymonster Wed 07-Jan-09 21:50:57

does this run in all areas of the country? i ask because ds1 could do with something like this. although he doesnt actively care for ds2, he still has to keep an eye on him when they are upstairs playing in their room, and i know he doesnt like doing it much as ds2 does tend to battle with him somewhat. i think something like this would really help him, as it would give him planty to do, as well as probably giving him some insight as to the hassles which ds2 goes through on a daily basis.

Clarissimo Wed 07-Jan-09 22:38:27

same as cory=- sent form via email, wouldnt open and they wuldnt send another one

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