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DS wont stop climbing, how to discipline

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mamadadawahwah Tue 29-Mar-05 13:48:15

My ds is just two and until now has been the "perfect" child, insofar as there has been no "behaviours" as such. Now he is in the terrible twos he is climbing on everyting possible. He is speech delayed and dosent understand what i say to him (or at least it appears that way!!) I can ask him to get off the book case (secured to the wall) up to 20 times and he immediately goes back to it, as if to climb it. the alternative is to move it, but he needs to know that when mommy says no, she means it. I dont want to smack as i dont agree with it so i end up pulling him off of it day and night. Its locked up now so he cant get in it, but he is always at it. He also climbs the furniture and i am so afraid he will fall against the window sill. What do i do, strap him in a chair?

what do you do with your kids who are speech delayed? They dont understand very well and its very very frustrating to get the message across.

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