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OOHhh we got our new car....( not sn but hey...)

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eidsvold Tue 29-Mar-05 06:00:46

After a year of driving an old banger ( as dh describes it) we got a new motor....( imagine east end accent here )

I feel all posh driving around in it - it is 3 yrs old but love the air con ( a must in our summers) and the smeel of new car, and the cd player etc... okay so we are in debt up to our armpits but this is it - our last car for a very very long time.


only ours is white....

starshaker Tue 29-Mar-05 06:05:26

it could be worse u could be in debt up to ur eyeballs i know the feeling i had an older volvo it was a good enough car but it was too big so as i had a good job and a bit extra money i decided to buy a brand new punto i loved it and still do the prob is 3 days after i bought it i found out i was pg i also got really bad morning sickness and have been off work almost the whole time im now 38 weeks pg with a car thats 2 small and no job to pay for it. but never mind these things happen

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