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Hi guys : )

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AngelNic Sat 03-Jan-09 08:03:12

Hi everyone, im finally getting around to posting.
Quick introduction.
Im Nicola 35, married, have 4 kids.
Michael 14 in feb, Laura 12 this month, Holly 3, and Matthew 1.

DS 1 is statemented for learning difficulty.

My query is... in primary my dd Laura was on an IEP , then took off it altogether when she was in p7. She has dyspraxia but was never put on paper.
These past few years ive had a niggling feeling that something hasnt been right, then about 4 wks ago after i badgered the educational physc, she has been referred to child and family clinic, appt on 7th jan,and is on waiting list for occ therapy, in my heart i have a feeling she has aspergers(sp?).

Here is a quick description of her ways.

She always has to have the last say
sometimes doesnt know when people are taking the mickey.
Is obssessed with anime
Has very bad outbursts.
Seems to prefer adult comapany
When shes talking to someone, she doesnt realise that what she mightve said will hurt that person.
She cant show emotion to her dad which hurts.

There are a few more wee things, but as usual when i go to type, one of the younger 2 kids start shouting,lol.

I'll pop back on later as i have more to tell ; ) concerning my 3 yr old.


mum24boyz Sat 03-Jan-09 08:44:39

hiya nic, welcome to the boards, your dd sounds like my ds3, age 7 and diagnosed with speech and language disorder, i fought for yrs for a diagnosis of aspergers but have now realised just how close it can be to speech and language disorder. at least you dont have to wait long for this assesment, thats something, i am sure the other girls will be along soon with more words of wisdom but good luck for the meeting.

AngelNic Sat 03-Jan-09 08:53:45

Hiya, thanks for replying, she was at SALT in primary school, i also forgot to mention that i had her at the gp a few wks ago, and he said she had childhood depression, her crying outbursts are awful, she's even tried to choke herself to stop crying : (

Now that ive got 2mins (1yr old crawling about,lol) i'll talk about DD Holly , she has severe sensory issues, and had an intense assessment done for ASD, she is ok, but will be reviewed in april, and when she starts pre school in sept, she'll be made know to SN. She also attends SALT.

The ASD team also wanted to see the baby as he's showimg signs of sensory issues ! I havent got him seen yet as my aunt died around the time all these assessments were taking place, but im thinking now, maybe i should get the ball rolling?

Phew !!!


madmouse Sat 03-Jan-09 09:50:28

Hi AngelNic, sounds like you have some tough issues to deal with.

I have no clue about these issues, my ds has very different needs, but there are some real experts on here so keep posting your questions and experiences.

Tclanger Sat 03-Jan-09 10:18:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mum24boyz Sat 03-Jan-09 11:09:34

tbh nic i think i would be tempted to concentrate on 1 at a time, i think if you start doing all appts for all of them you are going to get overloaded, i had it with only 2 of them and it felt like that at times, i would concentrate on the most urgent case which atm sounds like your dd with the depression, what about dh though cos there does defo seem to be a link with it and my dh defo has asd traits aswell as both ds3+ds4(both his,ds1+2 not) take the younger 1's for their normal assesments etc as obviously they cant be ignored, just dont try and spread yourself too thinly is all i am saying hun.

AngelNic Sat 03-Jan-09 11:31:49

Thanks ladies.

My dh is dyslexic and had speech problems when younger (still gets flustered when talking).

It does get me down, but i have never been offerred any kind of support with dealing with the kids issues, so i just muddle on through.

A bit apprehensive about this appt on 7th jan, but it'll be good to finally get some things out in the open.

Thanks again.


HelensMelons Sat 03-Jan-09 13:34:27


Good luck with appointment at C&F Clinic on 7th. Let us know how you get on.

Niecie Sat 03-Jan-09 14:03:33

Hello Nic - I have a DS (8.5 yrs) with similar issues and he has a dx of Asperger and dyspraxia.

Round our way you get seen by a patch team which starts with a paeds appointment and they make the assessment of who you should see after that - DS saw the OT, clinical psych, SALT and had his hearing tested (to rule out that as a reason for his strange pronunciations). They then all get together at the end to make the DX.

I am assuming you are in Scotland (you said your DD had been in P7 which is a Scottish thing) so I don't know if the Child and Family Clinic is the same as the Patch team system we have here but I assume that your appointment will be an initial assessment and you get similar referrals afterwards.

Goodness I have written all that and am now not sure what my point is! I think what I am saying is that when you go to the appointment they will pick up all the loose ends for you and come up the right dx.

The other thing is that it would be helpful to list out, for the appointment, all the things that your DD finds difficult because you won't remember them all on the day. I also added the things that DS did that was 'normal' as I think that helps too.

There is a huge overlap AS and dyspraxia and other similar conditions and they often can't be separated out. I would also not be surprised if you don't get any help for the AS - DS has only has OT for the dyspraxia but we are left to our own devices for the AS.

Sorry this is really too long now. Just quickly, for what it is worth, I agree with mum24boyz - concentrate on your eldest DD for a while and worry about your 1yr old when you know what you are dealing with with DD. You know yourself that babies change very quickly and it maybe that 6 mths from now there might not even be a problem there. Well you can hope anyway!smile

Good luck!!

AngelNic Sat 03-Jan-09 14:41:12

You girls are great with replies,thankyou.

Niecie .... Im in N.Ireland hun, so we prob have the same way of going with schools,lol.

Im going to sit down tonight and write everything down, if i dont then i'll go half handed to the appt.


HelensMelons Sat 03-Jan-09 14:57:05


I am also in NI, DS2 (asd) is in P4. My others DS1 in P5 and DD P2.

Writing everything down is a really good idea - good luck with that!

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