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Just to let you know.......

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Jayzmummy Mon 28-Mar-05 23:14:24

I have changed my user name to Jayzmummy.....needed it to link with something!!!!!

moondog Mon 28-Mar-05 23:22:40

From what?

Jayzmummy Mon 28-Mar-05 23:24:33

[bush] duh!!!! Jaysmum!!!!!!!!

hunkermunker Mon 28-Mar-05 23:26:19

PMSL at [bush]

Hi Jayzmummy

moondog Mon 28-Mar-05 23:27:38

Yeah, [bush] from me too!!

Jayzmummy Mon 28-Mar-05 23:27:45 I am ing very badly.....tooo many glasses of wine tonight me thinks

moondog Mon 28-Mar-05 23:33:21


sansouci Mon 28-Mar-05 23:38:34

You are only allowed to if your bush is the george w kind...

Jayzmummy Mon 28-Mar-05 23:39:11

is he brazillian??????

sansouci Mon 28-Mar-05 23:42:59

george w?!

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