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special needs equipment anyone know whre i can get.....

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jennybensmummy Fri 02-Jan-09 21:31:19

im sick of pestering the health visitor and everyone else involved with ben to get some information on these and struggling, anyone help me find...
- stairgate needs to be hard to climb, and also very hard to open as my son can open all the standard types i have sen anywhere!!
- bedguard - he is a 3 year old but heavy and rolls an awful lot in his sleep so normal ones just dont work with him!!
- padded mats, ben self harms and throws himself off the floor and wondering if i got him something like this for his room and walls it might make it safer?!?!

daisy5678 Fri 02-Jan-09 21:37:34

Sounds like a safespace might be a good plan - you should be able to get this through Social Services if you have a Disability Team social worker. I think it would be through the Occupational Therapy team via SS.

Have a look and see what you think - might solve a lot of the problems.

Saker Fri 02-Jan-09 22:01:21

Fledglings might be able to help you source things.

5inthebed Fri 02-Jan-09 22:56:02

With regards to the stairgates, can you get dog gates for the doors, as they are a lot higher than normal baby gates. A friend of mine has these for her son with ASD (he is 7) and they work a treat. I think I'll eventually resort to them.

Good luck in your search. I'll try find the gates when I have a few more working brain cells.

cherryontopofthexmastree Fri 02-Jan-09 23:40:28

i have got one of the dog gates for dd1 (3.9) because she is a monkey (literally) and could climb over a normal sized gate in 1.5 secs flat. she can get over the dog gate but not as easily (she is very tall for her age, in 5-6 year old clothes). they are a good idea, and it takes two hands to open it so she cant do that as she doesnt have the coordination.

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