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Can i use a blue badge .................

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Flocci Fri 02-Jan-09 20:12:02

on the sort of zig zag markings directly outside dd's new school? I can't find out on the internet and am not sure. I suspect not because that would make life too bloody easy wouldn't it? has anybody else checked this out?

NAB3lovelychildren Fri 02-Jan-09 20:27:24

I thought zig zags were to stop over taking so I would guess no parking as it would cause other cars to have to over take. Can you view the highway code on line?

melpomene Fri 02-Jan-09 20:49:50

No. From this page: "Where am I not allowed to park with a Blue Badge?

You should not park:

· in a bus lane during its hours of operation

· in a cycle lane

· on single or double red lines during hours of operation

· on zig-zag pedestrian crossings, or at school entrances or bus stops

· in parking spaces reserved for other users (residents, etc.)

· in suspended pay and display bays or when temporary restrictions are in force

· any place where traffic or emergency vehicles might be held up

· at lowered kerbs for pedestrian crossings"

donkeyderby Fri 02-Jan-09 23:33:21

Someone told me that zig zag lines are not legally enforcable, so you could park there, disabled badge or not. I'm not sure if this is true - check with your council. I notice from melpomene's post that you can't park at 'lowered kerbs for pedestrian crossings', but lots of people round us park on them, (not blue badge holders) and prevent people with buggies and wheelchairs from crossing safely. They never get ticketed.

bananaknickers Fri 02-Jan-09 23:38:46

I am not sure on this one either. Tbh I don't think it would make you very popular with other parents. They are there for a reason and to protect children from being hurt.

Could you have a word with the head teacher. She may let you park in the school grounds to drop her off. It happens in our school and he is fine about it.

2shoes Fri 02-Jan-09 23:42:44

I would never park on the zig zags even with dd's blue badge.

CaptainPlump Sat 03-Jan-09 17:28:15

I did my driving theory test last year and from what I remember the zig zag lines outside schools indicate that you should never stop there, ever! As someone said above they're there to protect children.

cherryc Sat 03-Jan-09 20:30:33

The same as bananaknickers happens at my DS's school. If you have special needs you are allowed to use the very small teachers car park. Worth asking!

Flocci Sun 04-Jan-09 15:51:46

Thanks ladies - school is in such a ridiculous location that there is very little parking and no way that we could use teachers car park which is already too small for them. It was headteachers suggestion to try the zigzags! I guess we will just have to get there really early or really late.

Debs75 Sun 04-Jan-09 20:43:53

parking on zig zags can give you 3 points and £1000 fine so not really worth the risk. Headteacher should really know this. Could you either get there really early or park a street away and walk. (not sure of disability hope not offended)

thebellsthebells Sun 04-Jan-09 21:41:45

You also should never park in another persons disabled parking bay if it has been especially allocated to their vehicle and has a permit number printed on the post or you are liable to a fine

BoffinMum Wed 07-Jan-09 15:03:57

Parking on zig zag lines is actually a criminal offence even if you are still in the car, and I got a very bad telling off by a police officer for doing this (I honestly hadn't realised). You can park on double yellow lines for 3 hours though, if there are no other restrictions.

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