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Been to see ds2's paed this week

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meea Sun 27-Mar-05 15:24:51

We have had 2 important appointments this week one with orthotics about his insoles and his 6 monthly check with the paed.
the orthotics went really well dispite ds2's physio being sure he didn't need inserts the person who assessed him said that he was really hyper mobile and needs the inserts to help with his balance and try to stop his feet rolling in.He also feels that his feet and posture could be the cause of his back pain was great to hear somebody agree with us for once.
The paed appointment was another story the psyc had failed to feedback or send a report on his visit to nursery so we discussed the fact that he is very different at home to how he is at nursery.I explained how I felt about his lack of interaction and she said that although he had been interacting with her it wasn't what she would expect for a child of his age.She was happy with his language and pleased with the progress he has made with his play skills.She said that by the time he goes to school one behaviour will usually have taken over so we have to wait and see if suddenly becomes happy and sociable all the time or wait for him to completely withdraw.
She also witnessed some of his agressive behaviour when he didn't want to play how they wanted him to.
I just watched her watching him and I can see that she has ideas about what the problem is but doesn't want to voice them.
We just get the we'll see him in 6 months.
Feeling really frustrated as it feels like we are sitting here waiting for him to fail before anything happens.

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