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Go on - Indulge me and join in...........

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feelingbitfestive Fri 26-Dec-08 22:39:48

......with your xmas piccies.
I've uploaded 4 (only 4!) and I've even put them at the top so you don't have to look at all the pic's of (beautiful) DS blush.

He is getting much better, thankfully. He is still having 1-2 clusters of spasms a day, but he is almost back to his old self now - tho very much fatter!!!!!

So, get your pics out and let's see what you all got up too!
Hope everyone is (still) having a brilliant time xxxx

emkana Fri 26-Dec-08 22:43:29

He is very very lovely!!!

Haven't got any christmas pics up yet, but you can see my ds on my profile if you like.

feelingbitfestive Fri 26-Dec-08 22:46:21

I've already looked (always do - love looking at others LO) he is a gem. Now - go get your xmas pics up! grin

2AdventSevenfoldShoes Fri 26-Dec-08 22:52:52

lovely pics
mine are on my profile(first 3) dd was so plesed whith her mp3 player(form her keyworker!! )

feelingbitfestive Fri 26-Dec-08 23:00:57

I got an ipod from Gabe so I expect me and your DD are equally pleased with our presents. I didn't get lazytown headphones tho sad - can't imagine they are often used for the listening of Slipnot! wink (am also impressed with DDs superior musical taste)
Hope you had an ace time x

2AdventSevenfoldShoes Fri 26-Dec-08 23:05:39

I got her this odd lazy town thingy, it had headphones and this thing that makes a noise. and pom poms.
she has shown no interest so I am just glad she is using the head phones.
keyworkers son filled the mp3 player and even ds was impressed(apert from rhianon!)

glitteryb6 Fri 26-Dec-08 23:30:32

I've added two pics, one of Ev looking smart in his shirt and tie for dinner and one with his new Ferrari jacket on.

feelingbitfestive Fri 26-Dec-08 23:50:12

Glittery - I could eat him. He'd get away with murder in our house - bet he does in yours too. Love his little shirt and cufflinks. What a handsome young man xx

MommyUpNorth Sat 27-Dec-08 11:50:46

All your little ones are just gorgeous. Still haven't taken all our pics off the camera. Christmas was just too overwhelming for ds3, and he played the whole time with bits of string!

Glittery, your ds doesn't happen to go to the CE centre in Cumbernauld does he? There was a young lad that looked just like him there, and was after a racing jacket for Christmas! If so, then I think we may have passed each other in the mornings last month when we were down there!

glitteryb6 Sat 27-Dec-08 12:53:43

Yes thats us!! We're also on the poster advertising the centre which should currently be displayed in every doctors surgery in Scotland.....famous we are! grin

MatNanPlusTINSEL Sat 27-Dec-08 13:08:30

Glittery that jacket looks fab at Mickey button safety

FeelingBF He is looking fab, and the photo commentary is brill.

MommyUN your little man is so cute.

2Shoes glad it was pre loaded tho what is wrong with Rhianon?

Emma he is so cute with his dog.

MommyUpNorth Sat 27-Dec-08 13:35:03

Ah! How funny! I believe our little ones were in a class together a couple of times that week. I'll have to let you know the next time we go down & I'll say hello properly.

We're way up north in Caithness, and there aren't any brochures in our gp surgery. We're just putting through our letter to request funding, and hopefully we'll still be going next year (should be down that way either 3 or 4 times a year).

glitteryb6 Sat 27-Dec-08 13:45:28

Yeah, looking at your profile pics i thought i recognised your wee man.

Good luck with the funding, although i dont envy you travelling down all that way, i take it you stay upstairs when you're down?

We only stay 13 miles from the centre so not quite the trek you have eh?

This will be Ev's last year as he's 5 in May and we recently got funding fron our local authority to send him to a fabulous school i had my eye on in Glasgow.

MommyUpNorth Sat 27-Dec-08 19:49:50

Yes, we do stay upstairs (very lonely as there usually isn't anyone else staying!). Nothing up here even comes close to what's on offer there, so it's really been brilliant for us so far.

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