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What are the chances of getting a statement?

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ChocolateGirl Sat 26-Mar-05 21:56:26

My ds is in Reception, he will be five in July, so one of the youngest in the year. Last year, when he was in the school nursery, he was given an IEP - he is School Action Plus, because of his speech delay/disorder.

Brief history: when he entered the nursery he had mainly single words and his pronunciation was very poor. His teacher advised us to get a SALT and he has been having ST (on and off) on a weekly basis for the last 18 months. He has improved a lot. We get a DLA for him.

He has been given another IEP this year but doesn't get any extra help from the school. I have asked if the specialist SAL teacher could work with him but have been told no, because he does not have a statement and will not get one.

I am thinking of asking to have him assessed myself as the school will not do it.

Is anyone in a similar position? How bad do a child's problems have to be before you can get a statement? I have worked my socks off with him at home - on both his speech and his literacy - so I don't think he is falling behind with his schoolwork.

But all his improvement has come about because of the work that we have done with him at home with the help of a private SALT.

Thanks in advance.

Chocol8 Sat 26-Mar-05 23:46:33

Hi ChocolateGirl, I have been in a similar situation as my ds is academically fine but has poor social skills due to AS. The school (he has just finished with - starting a new one after Easter) refused to statement him or even consider it as he "didn't stand an earthly chance" according to the head.

We live in Bedfordshire and to get a statement here is like trying to get blood out of a stone! It seems they have done their quota for the next few years and a child has to be quite severe for them to even consider it. My ds also receives DLA.

I'm sure you will get alot of help here from those who know better. Just to say, it does seem to be very hard in some areas for some reason.

I wish you luck, it seems to be quite a minefield.

MeerkatsUnite Sun 27-Mar-05 09:18:31

Hi ChocolateGirl and Chocol8,

IPSEA's Campaigns and Complaints Officer, Brendan King, has the following advice for parents whose children have special educational needs but who do not have statements:

"If your child's needs are not being met by the school and your child is failing as a result, then a statutory assessment is necessary ­- indeed, it is your child's legal entitlement.

But it is not likely to happen unless you, as a parent, requests it".

Chocolategirl - yes go ahead and ask the LEA to assess!. It is my conclusion that no statement = no support. My son was also on SAplus and it was not working to the fullest extent that it shoudl have done - he has speech and language delay. One possible reason that the school have not agreed to write the request themselves is that if they do this and the request gets turned down, there is no right of appeal. Parents have a right of appeal if assessment is not done. It took a long time (it can take 26 weeks for a statement to get issued) but its bloody worth it. I would hate to think how my son would be now in school if he did not have a statement and I've dealt with a LEA which is not regarded to be one of the "best" ones.

Chocol8 - I would give you the same advice as above. Your son has AS and gets DLA as well - you have a good case here. Write to the LEA and ask for your son to be assessed. Bloody useless not just to say defeatist head!.

Would lastly suggest that both of you look at IPSEA's website and call their helpline for more advice. Have used them myself and have found them to be most helpful. Website address is (there are model letters you can use on there as well).

I wish you both well, get writing!!!

ChocolateGirl Sun 27-Mar-05 20:06:40

Thank you both for your response, that's very helpful.

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