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I thought I'd ask you your opinions on something...

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XmasLollipopViolet Wed 17-Dec-08 15:03:03

A few months back, when I was working for Alton Towers, I went to their marketing department because I had an idea.

When me and my friend H visited together, she'd not been, I'd never been with a wheelchair user. We had questions and we had to learn as we went. So I suggested a DVD that people could request and have posted to them. It would take you through all the rides, where you queue, how you physically get into/onto the ride, what would happen to a guest with SN if there was a ride evacuation etc. Also looking at things like parking, getting wristbands to use the exits, getting tickets, where to eat, first aid, toilets etc etc the list could go on. They seemed to like the idea actually.

They said they'd think about it but it'd all come down to money . But, I based the idea on my one set of experiences, how many others would like something like this??

cyberseraphim Wed 17-Dec-08 15:08:08

I saw this on a leaflet at the doctors yesterday. It's a similar idea though maybe not as detailed as what you are talking about ?

XmasLollipopViolet Wed 17-Dec-08 15:11:08

I've seen that site before, it's quite good, but as you say, not as detailed (this is more place specific). Ah, they do say all ideas are recycled these days! :O

cyberseraphim Wed 17-Dec-08 15:14:29

I wasn't being negative about your idea - I do think the more information there is the better esp. as days have to be planned more with SN in mind.

XmasLollipopViolet Wed 17-Dec-08 15:16:32

Oh I know you weren't, don't worry It's something I never realised much until I met my friend. You have to think of everything!

TotalChaos Wed 17-Dec-08 19:00:35

Legoland Windsor do a promotional DVD - have never got round to watching it blush so don't know what sort of details it has about catering for people with SN. So it's not a bad idea at all. DVDs could also be particularly useful for people with ASD (autistic spectrum disorders) to help them prepare for the day out in advance.

XmasLollipopViolet Thu 18-Dec-08 11:03:03

Yeah, I kinda gathered from reading on here that children and adults with ASD like to know what to expect. I'm glad I'm not totally barking up the wrong tree. Just wish they would've got back to me about it

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