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GGRRRRR rant about SENCo and IEPs and everything else.......

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sparklymieow Tue 22-Mar-05 23:30:01

Sorry this will be a rant!! DS and DD1's SENCo is also the Headmaster, which means he is trying to do two jobs at the same time. The kids IEP were supposed to be done in the first 4 weeks of term, guess what?? They haven't been done yet.... I have been asking weekly if they have been done. He said that DD1's IEP would defo. be done in the first 4 weeks, because of her behaviour and learning problems, so he could call in the Advisory teacher, that hasn't happened because he hasn't done the IEPs!!
It took him 4 months to get someone in to assess DS for a Alphasmart,
I had to pick up DD1 from school yesterday because she banged her head after falling off a trike and failing to put her hands out to save herself (she doesn't do this) and he said that he didn't realise that she wasn't safe outside and I said that he should get someone in assess her for support outside to make sure she is safe.
He just doesn't have the time to do both jobs.... and its the SN kids that are suffering.

sparklymieow Tue 22-Mar-05 23:33:01

he said he has 74 kids on IEPs and it takes a long time to do them all....... I don't care I want them done....
I am seriously thinking about removing the kids and put them somewhere where there is a separate SENCo

KarenThirl Wed 23-Mar-05 06:54:31

Could you complain to the Ed Dept? Sounds as though you're banging your head against a wall with this head/SENCO and if he's that busy it will never get done. Someone needs to be made aware of the delays and maybe then they can take action.

happymerryberries Wed 23-Mar-05 07:08:41

SM, how many children are in the school? It seems to be crazy for the head to be doubling up on the SENCO post. I have never heared of this happening. What did your ds's/dd's last IEP say? And were the targets met? The situation sounds very unsatisfactory, to say he least.

sparklymieow Wed 23-Mar-05 08:41:31

there is nearly 400 children in the school

roisin Wed 23-Mar-05 08:45:06

That sounds very unreasonable sparklymieow. We have c.500 children in the school, (c.25% have IEPs, about 26 with statements I think.) We have a full-time SENCo with no class responsibility. And she works extremely hard.

sparklymieow Wed 23-Mar-05 08:50:22

we did have a separate SENCo when DS started there, she was on of the main reasons I sent DS there in the first place (my brother had gone to the school, and I knew they had an excellent SENCo) but due to cutbacks she lost her job...

sparklymieow Wed 23-Mar-05 11:13:06

I am writing to the LEA to get DD assesed, just printed the letter off...

Blossomhill Wed 23-Mar-05 11:24:39

Is dd not statemented then Mieow???

sparklymieow Wed 23-Mar-05 12:47:13

no its really hard to get a Statement here

MeerkatsUnite Wed 23-Mar-05 14:06:19

Don't let that put you off asking your child to be assessed.

If you haven't already done so would suggest you contact IPSEA for more advice, their website is


P.S the Head at my son's infants school also doubled up as the SENCO who did IEP's, thankfully that task has now been given to someone else more qualified.

Blossomhill Wed 23-Mar-05 15:17:47

Sorry mieow remind me again. Dd has cp, what level is it (mild,moderate,severe?). I just cannot believe that it would be hard for you to get dd a statement. We got one for dd with a language delay dx!!!!

sparklymieow Wed 23-Mar-05 16:42:22

DD has mild CP but with poor balance. She has SAL delays, behaviour issues, and senory issues. Been into see DD's teacher today and she said that she was about to see the head/senco to dissuss her IEP!! About bloodly time!!

happymerryberries Wed 23-Mar-05 17:10:32

I think that it is unrealistic for the head to be taking over the SENCO postfor a school of that size.

I also find the probelms with getting a statement strange. We have a boy with mild cp and he has a statement. If anything physical issues tend to get 'sorted' faster than others IYSWIM, at least where I work. (not saying that is right btw just an observation). We most often get children arriving in y7 with a statemnet in place, that was fisrt done in primary.

Blossomhill Wed 23-Mar-05 18:50:19

I am not sure if I am right but I should expect most children with cp would need a statement. With a dx like that surely it should be automatic???
It's like asd/communication I don't know any children with these difficulties that copes fine with school that wouldn't be better with extra support of some description.
I am so on your behalf!!!!

sparklymieow Wed 23-Mar-05 22:07:39

If a child has a physical disability but it doesn't affect them educational-wise (ie. they can learn) you can't get a statement here, unless you can prove otherwise. Everyone says that it very hard to get a statement in this area. The child also has to be over half their age delayed in two areas or more. DD is over half her age in her physical skills, but everything else is about 1 year behind.

sparklymieow Thu 24-Mar-05 00:01:50

Hope the teacher did do her IEP today, I will be very p*ssed off if not!

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