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lets talk about G-tubes

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needmorecoffee Tue 09-Dec-08 17:52:54

dd has a PEG and the tube is at least 46 feet long. We could lassoo elephants with it. How do it keep it disceretly tugged somewhere and not dnagling loops that will catch onto everything?

bullet123 Tue 09-Dec-08 18:02:54

Could you get a bag to place part of it in?

needmorecoffee Tue 09-Dec-08 18:51:54

now there's an idea. Off to Harvey Nic's again.....
to ask for a PEG tube bag grin

supportman Tue 09-Dec-08 18:53:06

We tend to coil them up under their shirts or tuck them down their trousers. Personally hate the things for this very reason and it not looking very nice having tubes dangling off them, mickey buttons are far better IMO.

needmorecoffee Tue 09-Dec-08 19:06:14

she'll get a mic-key in 3 months but for now we have this thing tangling itself around everything in the room. dd co-sleeps so I am imagining when she gets home it will leap out and strike me down while I'm alseep!

Jollyjoseyjinglebells Tue 09-Dec-08 19:36:21

NMC I was advised that the lenght of the tube can be changed by getting it cut to a more reasonable size depending on how you are going to feed. If its bowlus(sp) then you need it a wee bit longer but not 46ft lol!! DDs NGT is a bit like that just now was advised to make sure I dont get it tied round her neckhmm

Ask tomorrow if it can be chopped.

twinklingtrace2 Tue 09-Dec-08 19:46:36

dd had her over granulation silver nigtrated again todaysad

TotalChaos Tue 09-Dec-08 19:46:48

blimey hope they can do a bit of nipping and tucking of that tube!

TotalChaos Tue 09-Dec-08 19:47:48

poor thing trace. how is she doing other than the granulation.

twinklingtrace2 Tue 09-Dec-08 19:55:21

shes had an other big episode yesterday and night befor still no idea what it issad

needmorecoffee Tue 09-Dec-08 19:55:33

what does the granulation tissue look like?

TotalChaos Tue 09-Dec-08 19:58:56

sorry to hear that trace. by episode do you mean the "posturing" again?

twinklingtrace2 Tue 09-Dec-08 19:59:09

big fat flesh hanging out of the hole

twinklingtrace2 Tue 09-Dec-08 20:00:30

yes we had a child in need meeting yesterday all peads there said they have no idea what it is or whats causing them

feelingbitfestive Tue 09-Dec-08 20:04:59

Sorry to hear you didn't get anywhere with your meeting yesterday. Its all very well having no idea whats causing them but surely its time to take steps to find out angry. Did they give you any idea of what the next step is.
Even sorrier to hear DD isn't well x

twinklingtrace2 Tue 09-Dec-08 20:09:33

yes we now been refered to genetics and waiting for neuro again, ive asked to be changed, but my pead wants to discharge us first to put in a position where the nuero needs to see us

TotalChaos Tue 09-Dec-08 20:39:39

sorry the meeting yesterday didn't get you any further, will it be a new neuro you would be seeing?

twinklingtrace2 Wed 10-Dec-08 08:55:34

sorry didnt get back yesterday dd was ill, no not yet we having tests with old one then being transfred if we still not happy

DesperatelySeekingSanity Wed 10-Dec-08 16:44:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

needmorecoffee Wed 10-Dec-08 18:32:23

she's screaming her head off. Out of sorts or hideous tube related thing?

twinklingtrace2 Wed 10-Dec-08 18:38:39

oh no can you give her some meds?

needmorecoffee Wed 10-Dec-08 18:50:44

she's had calpol, nothing seems obviously wrong and she is still shreiking hysterically. I'm getting in a state too in case there's something wrong sad

feelingbitfestive Wed 10-Dec-08 18:55:52

Could it 'just' be change of scenery? (even tho she's home hmm. I'm sure my DS actually prefers it in hospital. I get completely harrassed by his constant crying - take him to the hozzie and he's all bloody sweetness and light angry.
I hope she is better soon xx

needmorecoffee Wed 10-Dec-08 18:58:42

no idea what to do. she is stiff and screaming

Jollyjoseyjinglebells Wed 10-Dec-08 19:25:59

Do you have an open line to where she has just been discharged from, you could phone and ask for advice, put your mind at rest its nothing to do with the PEG? Though I dont know if your hospital would make you feel more at ease from what you have prev posted.

Could it even be wind or reflux....hope she is ok, thinking of you

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