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What sort of playscheme place do you use?

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Keane Tue 22-Mar-05 08:14:21

I had a letter from a prvately run (but grant maintained) playscheme for the six weeks holidays. it runs over a two week period, daily and is local.

I have been waiting since February for Social services to get in touch regarding dd having a playscheme place with them. they have cancelled twice and are visiting in the Easter term break. They will not commit to whether or not they will even give her a place and i am unaware how much "repite" time she would be offered.

My dilema is, if I apply for the private scheme social services will NOT offer her a place at their playscheme.

Dont know what to do! Help

coppertop Tue 22-Mar-05 09:16:41

Can you put in an application for the private-run scheme and just not tell SS about it yet? If SS offer you a better deal then withdraw the application from the private scheme.

Our local Surestart group runs a 2-week scheme during the summer holidays. It's over-subscribed but they divide up the sessions so that everyone gets offered something. Ds1 had 2 morning sessions a week for the 2 weeks. This was just enough for us to be able to work it into a proper routine for him. It wasn't designed particularly for SN but ds1 wasn't the only child with SN who attended. He really enjoyed it and still talks about it.

macwoozy Tue 22-Mar-05 09:21:29

The same situation happened to me.
I rang ss to ask about playschemes, they gave me several numbers, and said they'd get back to me. They eventually did, but TBH they were useless, and they were dilly dallying for so long, that I believed it was left too long for my ds to get on one. This was for Easter hols by the way. So a week or so ago, I rang up private playscheme, called Disability Challengers, anf got a place straight away. I think it's good value, £4 for half a day, or £10 for full day. I've just sent back a questionaire that I had to fill out regarding any problems that my ds might have, what he likes, doesn't like, personality, behaviour, that sort of thing. They were very helpful on the phone, and I'm really looking forward to my ds going. This will be his first one, if I left it to ss, he would never had got a place in time.

Keane Tue 22-Mar-05 10:51:31

macwoozy, they "were" suppossed to sort her out a place for this easter break, but you like you say i have eventually been offered nothing.

Thanks, i think I will apply for the private one and just kleep quiet

Blossomhill Tue 22-Mar-05 11:01:17

We can to a mixture of both. So dd could do a day at private and a day at sn's one.

Keane Tue 22-Mar-05 11:40:00

forgot to say the private one is for children with SN

heartinthecountry Tue 22-Mar-05 12:51:47

I think I would go for the private one and not tell SS like CT suggests. On ss track record you might well be left with nothing otherwise.

Do you have to pay for private one or would it be covered by grants?

Keane Tue 22-Mar-05 15:07:02

it would be covered by a grant

I am not holding my breath for SS tbh. they are taking forever

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