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so fed up with her behaviour/face slapping.....

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anniebear Mon 21-Mar-05 11:03:15

Sorry for yet another moan. I am sitting here, only 10.55am first day of two weeks holidays and I am crying already.

Had no one to talk to and thought of all of you, so, sorry but thanks!

I am so fed up with Ellie slapping herself on the face. Every time she gets cross she smacks her face SO hard, it must really hurt her. she does it again and again.

I get so annoyed and upset and yell at her.

Just popped to Asda (very quickly for 1 item!!) and she did it there, everyone looks and I ended up yelling at her "stop it, everyone is gorping at you as usual"

That was more directed at the people who were staring!!

It really upsets me, it must hurt her very much.

When she does it at home, I sit her on the bottom stair and then she comes in and says sorry, but I don't want her to slap her face in the first place.

It is really getting to me. I am tired and sometimes think I just can't/don't want to look after her anymore. (i have just come on 10 days late and hormones are raging!!!!)

I love her very very much but just wasn't made with the right temperament to deal with any of this, also having not much sleep doesn't help.

Any idea's?

I feel awful for moaning as I know some of you have an even tougher time than me and even popping into Asda is out of the question.

Thanks for listening. any ideas on how to stop her would be great


Jimjams Mon 21-Mar-05 11:12:14

It's very hard to stop them doing this. Davros has posted before (maybe search for self injurous behaviour). When ds1 is cross he hits himself on his chin (or if he's eaten something so his pain receptors are out he whacks his head on the floor). With the chin whacking we just tend to say "hands down" then try and redirect. His SALT used to squeeze his hands and she reckoned that helped.

ggglimpopo Mon 21-Mar-05 11:15:26

Message withdrawn

anniebear Mon 21-Mar-05 11:20:02


Am feeling bit better now, just put her for a sleep!!!! she was up early as usual.

She used to bang her chin on the floor, did it once so hard that her mouth was full of blood, that was when I asked for some help re behaviour..... now on one of many waiting lists!!!!

She doesn't really do that anymore.

I don't understand why she does it. Others would say she is frustrated but she does have some speech, but her level of understanding and speech are the same if you see what I am mean? She is not like a 3 year old with a 3 year old understanding but can't get the words out. Then I would understand if she was frustrated.

Oh well, two weeks till back at School!!!!

anniebear Mon 21-Mar-05 11:26:05

will get one myself ggglimpopo!!!!


She is only 3 and a half but has global delay so don't think she wouldnt understand to hit it if she was cross.

Maybe worth a try though and I will defo get one for myself!!!

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