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sleep apnoea

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maddiemo Mon 21-Mar-05 10:37:31

Ds3 has autism. He had an operation at xmas to remove a septal abscess whuch has distroyed the lining and bridge of his nose causing his nose to flatten against his face.
We had a ENT appointment last week. The Dr is suggesting that he may have sleep apnoea. DS3 has always been a poor sleeper but since the operation he is snoring a lot more and is having severe sleep problems. Once or twice when I have checked him I have noticed that he does take a breath in but an out one does not always follow. I shake him and he sort of snorts then carries on breathing. Does this sound like sleep apnoea?

As I was expecting him to be discharged from ENT at this appointment I was so stunned that I failed to ask any relevant questions at all

His sleep problems are currently so bad that it is affecting him at school. The school also feel that since the operation his memory has deteriorated.

I have been given three months worth of nasal spray and have been told to monitor his breathing when he is asleep. Easier said than done.

maddiemo Mon 21-Mar-05 19:03:51



froot Mon 21-Mar-05 19:36:23

Sorry don't know much but wanted to bump you up. What about the sticky strips advertised to pull the bridge of the nose apart to help with snoring?

I thought with apnoea you had a breathing machine to equalise the air pressure and keep the airways open.

If it was me I would be kicking and pushing for some sort of observation at a sleep clinic or video monitoring at home urgently - esp if it is interfering with school.

maddiemo Mon 21-Mar-05 19:52:11

Thanks froot

Have not heard of the sticky tape but that does sound like a possibility. Would have to try it to know if it would work for him as his nose is very flat.

Dr said that they, or rather I would keep an eye on it and discuss further at our next appt.

I think I will contact ds commuminity paed and see what he thinks about the matter.

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