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anyone have the canopy for the major buggy? What do you think of it?

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anniebear Sat 19-Mar-05 20:03:52

Another question about the major buggy! sorry to be so boring!!

I started a thread the other day about the rain cover off E Bay, just a bit worried if it is so stiff, like some of you have said, when I want to use a sun canopy (my friend got one from Mothercare that fitted) I would need to take the raincover on and off!!

But....!! another lady from Toy Library said that she has gone through 3 maclaren sun canopies on her major buggy as they keep breaking. And she said that it didn't really shade her little boy from the sun.

Has anybody got one? what do you think!!

Haven't a clue which to get now!! and Ellie is due to get rained upon very soon! I'm sure this fantastic weather won't last!!


pixel Sat 19-Mar-05 20:45:53

The one I've got now has been ok but the first one I bought was broken when it arrived in the post. Suppose that means they must be quite fragile. It's easy to attach to the buggy and I've found I can clip it on 'back to front' and hang it down the back (like those mesh bags) to save carrying it. It does take up a lot of room in the car but I found it useful last summer as ds refuses to wear sunglasses but hates the sun in his eyes. It doesn't shade the child completely if you are facing the sun but it does protect their head and face, and of course if you are waiting around anywhere in hot sun it is handy to be able to turn them round so they are completely in the shade. All in all, I'm glad I bought it although I haven't tried it with the raincover that goes over it. Maybe it is the extra weight of the cover that breaks them?

anniebear Sun 20-Mar-05 11:20:00

Thanks Pixel!

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