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The neighbourhood curtain twitcher lives in my house!!!

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eidsvold Sat 19-Mar-05 01:06:27

Dd1 after her initial burst of walking had put it on hold for ages but has now discovered she can see out the front and side window of the entry area if she pulls herself up to stand using the window sill.

As I type this she is cruising up and down the large front window sill - doing her chant - 'dub dub dub with each step. The poor man next door jumped about forty foot the other day when she stood up at the side window and shouted out hiya whilst waving madly at him.

So now we have to pull the venetians up about 10 cms so she can have a clear view out the front otherwise she is madly pulling at them to see clearly.

She makes me laugh.

Jaysmum Sat 19-Mar-05 05:31:20

Awwww Bless

Merlot Sat 19-Mar-05 23:58:04


It'll be grubby little hand prints on the window next

Davzmum Wed 13-Apr-05 12:13:07

ha ha ha oh bless!
My D is the local peeping tom I tell him, he is constantly peeking out through the nets...drives me crazt!!!!

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