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Has Justin Fletcher resigned from Cbeebies?

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sphil Thu 27-Nov-08 22:12:24

I went to our Hanen course tonight instead of DH, who's away, and made the mistake of mentioning Mr Tumble. Immediate uproar, with the two SALTs insisting that he (JF) has resigned from the BBC because it's been discovered he was inventing his signs and inadvertently using rude words. Now I remember the original story about this a year ago, when someone complained that the sign for 'Happy' was the same as the BSL sign for f* (or something like that anyway). I thought it had all been explained and resolved. But they were completely convinced that he'd been disgraced and that Floella Benjamin is set to do a replacement programme.

Is this true? can only find one reference on Google and that has some comments appended which contradict it. Need to know! They were SO completely convinced!

Widemouthfrog Thu 27-Nov-08 22:30:05

If this was true, would they still be showing the programmes and distributing the DVDs? Sounds a bit suspect to me.

SixSpotBurnet Thu 27-Nov-08 22:35:26


but it sounds a bit like an urban myth - no? Like the thing about Master Bates and Seaman Staines on Captain Pugwash - there never were such characters apparently, but lots of people are still convinced there were!

sphil Thu 27-Nov-08 22:41:34

Well I think so - but they were so sure they were right! And very indignant about it too (not that he'd resigned, but that he'd been allowed to besmirch the world of signing in the first place). I'd love to prove them wrong, just so I can stick up for poor Mr T! Need proof though...

Aefondkiss Thu 27-Nov-08 23:16:50

he is still on BBC7 (digital radio cbeebies thing)... or was in the last few days.

moondog Thu 27-Nov-08 23:24:38

Has he hell!
That was just a silly story.
Surprised salts didn't know that..hmm

dsrplus8 Fri 28-Nov-08 01:26:08

shock, No not mr tumble!!!!<<<<sn mummies everywhere crying hystericaly>>>> sad

TinySocks Fri 28-Nov-08 05:49:51

Oh no, please don't let him go, we love him. DS adores him.

cyberseraphim Fri 28-Nov-08 06:28:59

Sounds like an internet myth - didn't he get an MBE or something not that long ago ?

misscutandstick Fri 28-Nov-08 07:07:30

isnt the internet wierd grin

we've gone from finding Mr T. thoroughly despicable to knighting him in 9 posts! grin

cyberseraphim Fri 28-Nov-08 07:39:15

No mention of resignation

Woooozle100 Fri 28-Nov-08 08:58:40

The makaton sign for happy can be confused with bsl fking. If you look closely tho, Justin is happy not fking For happy the hands don't actually touch - they sort of waft over each over. If they bang together - well that's when happiness has gone that step further wink Have this on good authority from deaf lesbian friends. The hands banging together is commonly used as sign for fking. Oooh me one mate nearly choked on her cup of tea when I inadvertantly did the sign with dd!

Hope justin hasn't resigned. He can't have. he's a national treasure

mabanana Fri 28-Nov-08 10:33:20

No, load of rubbish. A stupid story appeared in the paper saying he was signing a rude word (fucking) but this was based on totaly ignorance. They assumed he was using BSL, but of course he wasn't. Why would he do that on a programme aimed at children with learning difficulties, not at deaf children? He was using makaton which has different signs. Idiots!

mabanana Fri 28-Nov-08 10:36:32

Justin has an MBE, you know. Floella has an OBE.

dsrplus8 Fri 28-Nov-08 11:11:46

grin<<<<<<<<HUGE SIGH,PANIC OVER>>>>>>>

OonaghBhuna Fri 28-Nov-08 11:29:10

I love Justin, comments like these are ridiculous. He was only awarded the MBE this year and he truly deserves it.

sphil Fri 28-Nov-08 14:54:34

Do you think I dare print out this thread and show it to them? I really hate it when people are so sure they're right about something when they obviously aren't! It was their indignation that got to me more than anything - as if they were saying 'how can anyone in their right mind possibly give credence to THAT MAN'

Ejb - your post made me laugh so much! I love the fact that hands baging together means that happiness has 'gone just that little bit further' grin

PS Better just mention that apart from the Mr Tumble hiccup the course was great...

OonaghBhuna Fri 28-Nov-08 15:28:11

I think they have shown their naiveity by believeing malicious rumour by the media. How on earth would a programme be allowed to be shown with obscene sign language, it wouldnt just be the presenter it would have been the BBC that would have been in serious trouble too.Its so narrow minded actually.
Justin is fab, my kids really like him too.

OonaghBhuna Fri 28-Nov-08 15:28:42

Sphil, I think you should print it out....

AmIWhatAndWhy Fri 28-Nov-08 15:30:53

justin is fab!

DS hates Sarah Jane though, and I've no idea why.

jingleMAMADIVAsbells Fri 28-Nov-08 15:38:54

I know the sign was true but dont think he resigned hes in line for an MBE(or similair) for services to childrens TV too.

The sign things was actually pointed out to me by a deaf friend who hadnt seen it before, when she saw the program she was shocked as some Scottish signs are different to English ones, dont ask me how I dont know but she was pretty floored when she saw it

jingleMAMADIVAsbells Fri 28-Nov-08 15:41:07

Oops sorry seemed to miss the posts which stated same as me apologies

monstermansmum Fri 28-Nov-08 17:01:08

Do you know that mr tumble has his own facebook page? Any info re resignations etc would be on there surely?

ouryve Sat 29-Nov-08 14:24:45

If anything, he's been making new stuff - that Gigglebox (which DS2 screamed at because when he sees Justin he expects Justin or Mr Tumble and not any other character) and something else. The first hit on google news is a very recent interview with him at Parents' Lounge.

I did find the article referred to which was in the Sun (that bastion of factual reporting) last April - so it's certainly nothing new.

ouryve Sat 29-Nov-08 14:26:36

Oh, and the Makaton sign for juice is similar to the ASL sign for lesbian, but I've not heard any outcry about that one!

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