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Eskimo Kids - how long to kick in?

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KarenThirl Fri 18-Mar-05 11:52:28

Been meaning to ask this for ages but my dopey brain keeps forgetting...

Those of you who give your kids Eskimo Kids liquid - how long does it usually take before you start to see the benefits? In the past I've given J Eye Q and it took about eight weeks before we started to notice improvements, but that involved higher doses to begin with then reducing to a maintenance dose once levels were established. There's no such dosage with EK.

J's only been taking it a week but it seems he's already improved with it. Can't say there's any change in his behaviour generally and he's no less calm, but when he's 'up' I can bring him down easier as he seems more receptive to my influence.

Anyway, just wanted to check other people's experience with it.

Chocol8 Fri 18-Mar-05 15:34:41

Karen - I found the Eskimo Kids was alot better than EyeQ - I continued the Eskimo Kids straight after finishing him on EQ, but am sure there was a change. Like you, his behaviour is not any better but he is a lot calmer now, which really helps.

Incidentally, it works out cheaper too - a big bottle of Eskimo Kids (£16.95)lasts him 2 months where as I was spending £16 every two weeks on EyeQ - and of course the EPA is alot higher.

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