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Urgent! Do you know the signs for...

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mizmiz Wed 16-Mar-05 08:35:25


(would 'bright' and 'black' do for last two?)

Could improvise but thought it worth a go. Am doing a sing/sign thingy this pm and am about to leave the house..
Thank you

Dingle Wed 16-Mar-05 10:58:59

I only have Signalong manuals so I don't know if they differ, but here goes.

Dirty. working closed hand (palm down/in, pointing forward/in)strikes twicw across wrist of supporting closed hand (palm in/up, pointing forward/in)
Does that make any sense?

Dingle Wed 16-Mar-05 11:02:13

Bin. Supporting full "C" hand (palm in pointing forward); working bent hand (palm in, pointing up) moves to supporting hand to finish palm down with fingers just inside the "C".

Dingle Wed 16-Mar-05 11:05:48

mizmiz, have also found "late" but am I too LATE! Just read again and seen what time you posted! Sorry, if you need the rest let me know and I'll look for you!
Hope it goes well anyway!

mizmiz Wed 16-Mar-05 17:19:37

Thanks Dingle!

Very kind! You're not too late actually, as I'm still working on them (workshop with a music therapist). I would prefer Signalong as the Makaton would bring in a lot of complications! (IYKWIM!!)
I'd love the rest if you have the energy!!

Dingle Wed 16-Mar-05 18:35:13

No problems, just copying info straight out of manual. Am I making sense?

Late:Working index hand (palm forward, pointing up) against supporting flat hand (palm in, pointing up); working hand bends forward from wrist maintaaining contact.

Dingle Wed 16-Mar-05 18:40:49

The only "light" I can find is "light/lamp" I don't know this would still be the same for your purpose!

Light/lamp; Working full "O" hand (palm down, pointing forward) springs open at the appropriate height and position for table lamp, ceiling light, street lamp, etc.

Dingle Wed 16-Mar-05 18:43:35

Sorry, there is no "dark" in my manuals!

Hope there have been of some use anyway mizmiz!

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