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It's all happening!

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KarenThirl Mon 14-Mar-05 10:56:32

Just had a phone call from the psych who's coordinating J's assessment, with an appointment for ADOS testing next Wednesday. But get this - the social worker doing the tests has suggested that instead of waiting up to two months for the Ed Psych to get around to doing the psychometric and IQ testing, they'll send us an appointment for the dept's clinical psych to do them instead - that should bring the time down considerably. They're also arranging a SALT referral to see if they can find anything significant there, though that might take up to three months due to backlog.

Also, SENCO is meeting with ed psych tomorrow to start statementing process.

Amazed at how quickly things are moving now, after waiting so long.

ThomCat Mon 14-Mar-05 11:04:44

Excellent stuff

MandM Mon 14-Mar-05 11:14:37

Brilliant Karen! I know it's been really frustrating for you waiting all this time, but the ball is really rolling now!

coppertop Mon 14-Mar-05 11:31:39

Hurray! It's great when things finally start to happen.

Merlot Mon 14-Mar-05 22:15:11


beccaboo Mon 14-Mar-05 22:48:58

Really pleased for you Karen, let us know how it goes

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