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Ed Psych - North London

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Pollyanna Sun 13-Mar-05 18:47:38

Can anyone recommend a good ed psych in North london, or tell me how to go about finding one? (My son has dyspraxia and possible adhd).


Davros Mon 14-Mar-05 08:40:08

There is a very good one called Albert Reid but he is very busy. He is based West Hampstead/Cricklewood. The following is a list of EPs that have been used by people on an EGroup I belong to, many in North London or would travel to North London. If no good let me know and I will ask my littlel North London support group for other recommendations.

Albert Reid Tel: 020 7433 3069
Alan Willis is in London on 0208 202 9935
Mary Robertson in Kent on 0208 462 4396
Adder 0208 4800391
Rosemary Thornton - 01372 464 371
Richard Alexander - 01604 638784/ 0116 2824441
Gillian Willis - : 0208 651 5334
David Urani - 0208 455 3977 : mobile: 07958 733161
Lisa Blakemore-Brown - 01895 810005 and 07946 061894

Pollyanna Wed 16-Mar-05 20:55:04

Thanks Davros, I will try Albert Reid and some of the others if he isn't available for a while.

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