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MR MEN.....who was it that said their ds loved them?????

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JaysMum Sun 13-Mar-05 13:23:50

If your interested I have about 40+ of the Mr Men books going spare......J has out grown them and I have had a sort out this week.

They are in excellent condition.......FREE TO WHO EVER WANTS THEM.....Just cover P&P.


Blossomhill Sun 13-Mar-05 13:39:40

Jaysmum - if nobody else lese answers dd loves them!!!! I'll pay you for them obviously and cover p&p.
Thanks Blossomxxx

JaysMum Sun 13-Mar-05 14:00:24

BH.....finished the ironing yet??????

Saker Sun 13-Mar-05 20:24:18

I think it was Beccaboo who said her ds loved them?

JaysMum Sun 13-Mar-05 20:49:06

Ummmm thats what I thought!!!!! If anyone sees Beccacboo around on the site can you let her know I have posted this.....will leave it a couple of days and if she hasnt got in touch then Bloss you are welcome to them....xxxxxx

Pages Mon 14-Mar-05 08:22:31

It was Beccaboo (on the thread "what is an absence")

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