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At Last.

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MOMMALIS Sat 12-Mar-05 13:16:12

I have been trying for forever to get my son a maclaren major 200 pushchair, he wont go in a regular buggy besides he's too heavy and broke 2 in a space of a month.
To buy them outright there over £200 we didn't want to shell out that amount as we only need the buggy for occasional trips or holidays(off to mil over easter she lives abroad).Finally this morning after a huge battle we have been sent a letter to say we will be loaned one .
So im a happy bunny today (for a change) little fella may not share my happiness when hes strapped and bound up in the thing .

lockets Sat 12-Mar-05 13:18:18

Message withdrawn

coppertop Sat 12-Mar-05 15:31:59

That's great news. You never know. Ds might be happier with the extra room.

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