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Rude awakening..... Just when all's going well.... someone rocks the boat!

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MrsFROSTgetful Sat 12-Mar-05 11:02:29

leigh is 8 (AS) and he is getting hardto predict - i say that because alot of 'sucessful management' comes from YOUR ability to predict what may trigger/prevent a meltdown etc....and then getting in there quickliy to intervene-

Leigh absolutely threw me twice this past week- first it was over this dance show his class was in - he'd been moaning about the partner he had to dance with and 3 days b4 the show - his teacher changed his partner- as she was obviously fed up too.... so i expected him to find the 'change' difficult etc and started to 'prepare' mim for the 'BIG DAY'...but did not expect him to then insist that he stayed with the original child who had been a total B*tch., preference to a new 'friendly' partner. (as he was toatly anxious about this change to the planned event)

... i kept explaining that 'we just don't have to put up with being bullied'....and that in effect this was what this girl had been doing- took me many 'sessions' of social stories & diagrams etc to get him to agree to try the new dance partner-

point being here that he seemend hellbent on the 'routine' rather than being happy....just totally made no sense to me.

then yesterday he was pacing the whole downstairs- in circles from front door to back- gameboy in hand and every time he came near me he was complaining bitterly about the fact that tom was on the PC for the second day in a row straight after school..... i assumed he wanted to go on the pc as it was his 'turn'....and got tom off the pc- but then leigh didn't want a go-

turned out it wasn't that he wanted a go- just couldn't accept that tom was on there when it 'should' have been his turn

....couldn't resolve this one ....and about an hour later i eventually lost my temper and got tom off (again) so i could FORCE leigh on.....

my reason for this was that he seemed unable to 'move on' unless he completed his 'usual' turn on the pc..... luckily for me this worked and when he came off an hour later he was 'relaxed'...

used to get this with TV turns...he'd moan about someone else choosing the programme they were watching as it was his turn etc...then if i changed channels and then put it back to the original programme they were watching and called it his turn then he was happy..... even though the programme was the same ....

MOMMALIS Sat 12-Mar-05 13:21:38

I hear you with this one.
My Ds gives his sister that "glare" that says it all should she go near the remote control and or the PC.
My heart then goes in my mouth , were running out of ways to difuse and distract.

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