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Beanbaggy has to go! Help!

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sarah573 Tue 04-Nov-08 13:56:19

DS1 (10 with AS), has become very attached to 'beanbaggy', a brown faux leather cube which lives in the front room. He leans on it to watch telly. Unfortunatley over the weekend beanbaggy has developed a split on one of his seams, and can't be repaired. Only a small one but big enough to cover my front room in those horrible little white balls. We had a discussion about replacing beanbaggy and DS seemed fine with it. I've managed to find another cube (beanbaggy the second), which looks pretty much the same to me. We emptied some of the balls out of beanbaggy the second to make feel the same as beanbaggy, and put it in the spot next to the TV. I then got the bin bag out and tried to put beanbaggy in it - cue huge meltdown from DS1, who is now sat cuddling beanbaggy, covered in balls, and intermitently shouting that I can't throw beanbaggy away!! HELP!!!!.

magso Tue 04-Nov-08 14:13:04

Ds has particular trouble with throwing much loved things away. Could beanbaggy 1 have any other use - perhaps be kindly donated to the plastic recycling/ craft cuboard to help make new things?

feelingbitbetter Tue 04-Nov-08 15:05:55

Could he keep it? Perhaps till new beanbaggy is worn in, comfy and not so new? Could you sneakily empty a few more balls out very now and again so it gets a bit smaller?
I had a similar problem when I was about 6 when my mother tried to replace a teddy bear I'd had since I was born (very smelly, ragged, chewed up thing) with an identical new bear. I wasn't having any of it. It felt different and smelt different and wasn't my bear. Even when old bear was stolen from me and washed with the new bear, I still had to have my old bear. Don't know what happened to new bear, but old first and best bear is still on my bed blush 25 years later! And I'm NT!
That wasn't a particularly helpful story, sorry hmm <<pictures sarah still trying to dislodge beanbaggy in 20 years time>>

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