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anyone ever been to dyno school??

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lars Fri 11-Mar-05 15:41:11

My ds and I are starting a parent and child group for 12 weeks. They show you strategies and the main thing is for ds to learn social skills. The other children attending the small group are similar to ds with challanging behaviour amongs other things.Would like to hear any experiences that any of you may of had good or bad. larsxx

lars Sat 12-Mar-05 07:39:51

I take it no one's heard of it? lets hope it will be useful to us both. larsxx

Davros Sat 12-Mar-05 08:43:19

Never heard of dyno school lars. Is it short for something? Any more info or link?

beccaboo Sat 12-Mar-05 22:24:45

Hi lars, I haven't heard of it either but would be interested to know more if you have any info.

lars Sun 13-Mar-05 09:10:50

I will let you all know but really don't know what it's short for. It works on the child's social skills and builds their self esteem. Parents learn behaviour strategies, etc. Ds will start in April and I will attend as well.

You cannot just join you have to be recommended from outside agencies. larsxx

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