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Just had our last portage session feeling [sad]

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meea Fri 11-Mar-05 14:53:56

I know that this is really silly but I feel alone .Ds2 will now just get a termly visit from somebody not sure what his title is and he only works with nursery not us .
I know that our childrens future is in our hands but it would be nice to feel there was some support for us.
Sorry for moaning again there just seems to be a black cloud hanging over me this week.

Saker Fri 11-Mar-05 14:57:23

I sympathise - our portage worker came today and I do really value her help and support. I will definitely miss her when the time comes for her to finish. Do you have access to any local parent support groups?

anniebear Sat 12-Mar-05 15:43:04

I know how you feel.

Ours finished at Christmas, I ahd to hold back the tears as we all had hugs and kissess!!

Mine listened to my Moans and concerns every week (there were lots!!) somtimes I ahd no one else to moan to!!

and I still miss her now, so you are not being silly!!!

meea Sat 12-Mar-05 16:56:51

Ds2 made it worse as he wouldn't join in with anything she tried to do and then fell asleep so never got to say goodbye.
Unfortunatly we don't have access to any support groups we had to stop attending his sn playgroup because of the number of hours he does in private nursery.

coppertop Sat 12-Mar-05 19:05:23

I felt kind of sad when ds1's portage came to an end. Little did I know what was around the corner for ds2! We have a different portage worker for ds2 and she is lovely too. We've had quite a few giggles and smutty conversations along the way. I know I'll really miss her when portage ends.

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