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I just felt so tired... so i have had a nap.....

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MUM23ASD Sun 02-Nov-08 17:43:33

and apparently.... before i sat down... I'd ran the hot tap to do some washing up....over an hour ago

so i have turned it off!!!

(no wonder our gas bill is so high! A few weeks ago i went to asda to do weeks shopping... and came back to find my bath full (and emptying down the overflow)... with HOT water.

yes, i had forgotten i was running a bath when i decided to go to asda.

feelingbitbetter Sun 02-Nov-08 17:49:17

Bless you.
Good job it wasn't in this house, I have the slowest overflow ever so it'd brought the damn ceiling down.
At least you got an impromptu facial when you went to turn it off grin
No harm done, that's all that matters!

MUM23ASD Sun 02-Nov-08 18:56:36

we're 'lucky'.... our boiler is upstairs.... our bathroom takes ages to fill a bath...and the overflow is faster than the taps!!!!!

good job too!!!

When i tell people i have OCD...i am often met with the "Oh thats the thing where you have to keep washing hands, or checking your taps areturned off...." And i feel that maybe i SHOULD develop just one more i've never been a handwasher/tap checker!!!!

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