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SN Meet Up 21 March 2005

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Davros Fri 11-Mar-05 09:18:03

Started a new thread as the old one said Feb.
At the moment we are meeting on Monday 21 Feb at Pizza Express in Broadgate (nr to Dino's work).
So far it is:
Me + DD

Anyone else? What time does everyone need to arrive/leave?

SleepyJess Fri 11-Mar-05 09:19:24

Where is Broadgate?

Davros Fri 11-Mar-05 09:27:06

City, near Liverpool St. Dino can give more info.

RnB Fri 11-Mar-05 09:42:32

Message withdrawn

SleepyJess Fri 11-Mar-05 09:45:27

Oh.. too far away then.. just wanted to check. have fun

SJ x

Davros Fri 11-Mar-05 09:52:54

Doh! The whole point of starting this thread was so we'd all know it is MARCH!!! Really hope you can come RnB.

heartinthecountry Fri 11-Mar-05 09:54:17

I can come!

KarenThirl Fri 11-Mar-05 10:35:33

Ah, would love to come and meet you all properly, but too far and beyond my ME limits! Hope you have a great time.

lou33 Fri 11-Mar-05 11:37:37

not sure, looks doubtful now

Keane Fri 11-Mar-05 11:41:26

is it in the easter holidays?

Keane Fri 11-Mar-05 11:54:06


is it?

because i could come but would maybe benefit from some help at victoris as I will have dd with me, thats if you want us. if you ignore I will do a massive flounce

lou33 Fri 11-Mar-05 11:59:38

they break up 24th here in surrey

Davros Fri 11-Mar-05 13:06:40

Finish 24th here too.

heartinthecountry Fri 11-Mar-05 13:14:18

If you can come Fio (oops sorry - Keane ) I'll meet you at Victoria. Or is the strood tunnel open yet cos if you can get the train straight to London Bridge that would be better for getting to the City.

3mum Fri 11-Mar-05 14:06:44

Can I come too please?

Keane Fri 11-Mar-05 14:16:46

I will just check the date but I am sure dd's school closes next Fri, so will check. HITC, I could get to London Bridge but I would have to catch the 8.25 train

sure i can swap at Gillingham though to get to London Bridge station, plus its lifts isnt it to the tube, at victoria the steps are a nightmare

Davros Fri 11-Mar-05 17:00:02

3mum, DO come!

dinosaur Fri 11-Mar-05 17:01:10

Oh my God I've said Broadgate - I mean Bishopsgate!

I should try and post one of those map things shouldn't I?

What time are you going to be there?

dinosaur Fri 11-Mar-05 17:06:09

this is a map showing Bishopsgate

Pizza Express is on the opposite side of the road to Liverpool St Station, and is just slightly north of the station, so if you come out of Liverpool St onto Bishopsgate, turn left, cross over the road, and keep walking, you should come to it pretty quickly.

Socci Sat 12-Mar-05 00:29:17

Message withdrawn

InternationalGirl Thu 17-Mar-05 20:20:03

I'm afraid I won't be able to come. You all have a great time though. I will have to come next time.

I guess I should tell you my news though - I know some of you were wondering (TC ). We're moving to South Africa this summer. Looking forward to some sun, safari and great art. Getting into all the planning stages now - huge mission but exciting too! We know that whatever DD2 needs education wise we can probably find it there. We are already in consultations with some schools.

We'll have to have another get together before I go - maybe late May or early June.

lou33 Thu 17-Mar-05 21:59:31

i can't make it either, sorry.

beccaboo Thu 17-Mar-05 23:17:44

Oh curses, I can't come now. dh working on a project and can't take time off to look after ds. I'm really disappointed. See you all next time hopefully.

Davros Fri 18-Mar-05 10:54:35

I can still make it but not sure if its another failure? Can everyone who IS coming post here. I think its just me and DD, Dino and HITC at the moment....

dinosaur Fri 18-Mar-05 12:12:09

Well I can still make it, but happy to defer if everyone else is?

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